After Death

Alice was a normal girl. The only thing different about her is that she's dead. She died 2 years ago on her 15th birthday. Now she has to ffind out who killed her before they do it again. Alice can only move on from pergitory if she finds and stops her killer.


1. That Night

I still remember that night. It still fills me with fear and fury. That man had no right!


What is done is done. I can never change the past. I want to make sure it never happens again. It was two years ago, I think.


it was a warm summer night. It got too dark too quickly. I wasn't worried nothing ever happened in my small town. I kept pepper spray on me just incase. I started walking home from a movie I had just seen. It was boring yet I remember every detail. It's burned in my mind. If I don't focus I star reliving that day.


Up until then I was having an average day. As the night crept up and pounced on me I could hear footsteps. They quickened and I though the person would pass me. As they neared I started to panic. I took a short cut through an alley. That's where it happened.


I was stabbed seven times. That thing stabbed me in all the most painful places. I tried to scream and I felt a hand on my mouth. It smelled like a hospital but more like the poison in the drugs than the disinfectant. I gagged.


He slits my throat then. I felt nothing for years maybe. I see a dim gray and then I'm nowhere and everywhere at once. Two years I've been like this.


Soon I learned that to move on I have to stop my murderer. I will.


It will make my pain seem like a paper cut. He will burn in Hell for eternity. And he does and I'm about to move on.

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