how I met Niall

It was my drama night which is where you do some of your plays in front of the school and family, if they wanna come and watch and before I knew it someone special showed up to watch.


1. What are you doing here

It was my Drama night, I was so excited cause I just love doing drama and just being crazy me. While we were getting ready and everyone was walking up to their seats, a car pulled up and out got One Direction but everyone didn't know it was them because they had disguised themselves so know one would recognise them. They came in and sat at the back of the hall, the only reason they were at my school and was watching my play, was they were passing through town when they saw one of our Drama night posters and the boys really wanted to watch so they did. Anyway they started they and now it was year 11 class to do our play, I had to start of the scene as a superhero, I was wearing bright fluro undies over black tights with a black t-shirt on and a checkered cape on and a mask on. I think I did pretty good, I came off the stage then I started to fool around before my next scene. All of a sudden I had a tap on my shoulder, I spun around and fell but the person who tap me on the shoulder caught me and smiled. He introduced himself and his name was Niall Horan the one and only. Niall toke off my mask I was still wearing and asked me what is my name, I was so shocked it toke me a while to say my name but then I ended up saying "hey I'm Caitlin". then niall told me I look good in bright fluro undies, he then told me why he was here watching the play all of a sudden we heard someone coming so I told him to put back on his disguise he did and it was one of my friends telling me to get ready for my next scene. I said "Ok be there in a minute" then i told niall to go back and sit down and enjoy the rest of the show, he nodded and with that gave me a kiss on the cheek and left to go sit back in his seat. I quickly ran and got changed for the next scene and started. When we did finish the play it was about 7:30pm, I went and got  dressed in a comfy top, my blue varsity jacket I stayed in my black tights cause they were comfy, then i put on my high tops and then I let my hair down cause it was long then I put on my Charlotte Hornets Snapback on cause I love it. After I got dressed I went outside and saw my my family they liked it then they left cause i was staying a friends house and they didn't really care, so that's basically a okay.

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