How I Lost My Best Friend (True Story)

This story about i lost my best friend i want to share it with you


3. Wild Girls


Today it was Liam's birthday i was excited as all the fans i showered then brush my teeth and wear my clothes i curl my hair the eat my breakfast and rushed to the bus i told Rose today to meet me at the schools door so we both get together we write on our hands "Daddy Direction" then she said "Lets write on the doors" i looked at her with a wide smile "Lets do it" we write on every door 'Happy birthday Liam' 'Happy birthday daddy direction' we were the only directioner in the whole school and the whole school know that when the teacher see what we did she catches us and say "you two are grounded and clean this from your hands" we did as we told we back to the teacher she told us "Wait for me after school! both of you" then she go what a wired teacher "I don't to be grounded" Rose whined i looked at her and i got an idea "Why can't we run away?" she looked at me like crazy "Are you serious?" she asked me "I'm dead serious" like really grounded on Liam's birthday is the worst thing ever then she looked at me in an evil look "Lets do it" after the school ends i was waiting for her is saw her running she while she was breathing "lets go" we both run away as faster as we could till we reach my house "I'm home" my mum come to me in a scary look "What did you both do" we looked at each and then to my mum "What did we do" we both said "Why did you writ on the doors "Mum it was the bathroom doors everyone do that,whats the matter" Rose said she always calling her mum so do i she looked at us shocked "But the teacher didn't say that" i looked at her "Mum this teacher is know" making her believe she is crazy she looked at me and said "Lunch is ready" we always make lies to get out of this after we eat we picked Rose to her house then when i arrive the house i changed my clothes then went to sleep cause i was tired 

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