How I Lost My Best Friend (True Story)

This story about i lost my best friend i want to share it with you


4. Jokes Around


It was a sunny day me and Rose were sitting scrolling down on facebook when we see a picture a funny picture we laugh very loud thank God it was early no one come early then suddenly the wi-fi closed i checked the wi-fi to connected with anything then i laughed so hard at what in i saw she looked at me"What?" i show her so she it was a network called 'Bob-Sponge564' really who would put this stupid name in a wrong way then when we connected we get back to facebook and start to scroll laughing judging every person who see us will think we are mad crazy and maybe drunk we were always get into trouble with that teacher she always loose i don't how it happen i mean she is the hardest teacher and she was so crazy after the school finish i went to her house we set in her room each one of us has a laptop and on facebook her sister take the chair so Rose don't anything to set so she is set on my lap and start posting to each other on facebook we were the only who comment  and like till i post "Did i mention to you that you look hot on my lap :p" she laugh till she fell on the ground i start to laugh in her then we decided to do a twitcam she opened her twitter and we started to talk the funny thing happen when she start to drink water and start to shake very fast till she fell of her chair in front of the twitcam i brust into my laughing on her i get up to help her then she pull me to her and fell on the hard cold ground and we both laugh it was amazing day the best day of our life.

On this moment i realize that she is my true best friend that i can't live without!!

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