How I Lost My Best Friend (True Story)

This story about i lost my best friend i want to share it with you


1. How It All Began


I was sitting in front my laptop scrolling on Facebook can't wait to watch As Long As You Love Me music video while i was scrolling i saw a post about a girl named Rose Salman i know this girl she is from my school she post "OMG TODAY JUSTIN'S MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT TODAY" i kinda get excited cause she was a belieber so i am my profile picture was One Direction so i was a Belieber and Directioner so i comment on her post "ME TOO I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH!!!" after few min she commented "So you like Justin or One Direction? I LOVE BOTH OF THEM" i stare at the comment my eyes are wide "YES I DO" after few seconds i see 'Rose Salman tag you in a post' "Mary Salman WE HAVE ALOT OF COMMON INBOX ME" i did what i told to we talked for hours knowing each i told her everything about me so she dose everything about her we exchanged number and skype twitter and we were talking 24/7 till one day she tell me "Best Friends?" i smiled "Best Friends Forever"


My name is Mary Salman and this is my story

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