How I Lost My Best Friend (True Story)

This story about i lost my best friend i want to share it with you


2. First Day At School


First day at school God i don't want to go i get up i showered brush my teeth changed my clothes eat my breakfast very fast "Bye mum" i said to her "Bye sweety" i closed the door and run to catch the bus before i missed it.

When i get to school it was full of new students and my friends i went to look for Rose after i find we hugged each other and set together and start to talk about Liam's birthday it was on 29.8 so we planned not to see each other cause we can't we will just talk on facebook and twitter after the bill ring  i rushed to my class so she dose "Wait for me in the break" she said to me " I will!Bye" i said and rushed to my it was a long 3 class before the break after it finished i just come out to found someone pull me it was her "Let go and eat" she pull and we go together "God! you just read my mind i'm starving" "C'mon mini Niall we are going to eat" of course like any best friends have nickname will yeah mine is mini Niall and mini Zayn cause she always have mirrors with her finally we reach the cafeteria they were like animals trying to get the food "Ready?" i looked at her in an evil look "Oh yeah" we start to push everyone what? we were starving we finally arrive and survive till "AHHH my hand you little shit" i looked at her and start to laugh "Rose and Mary Salman" we shocked when we hear our names we turn to see the teacher behind us "You two are grounded to push everyone here"  we looked at each other "But teacher we are starving i mean we are not the only one come on" i try to get ourselves from this "Plus its the first day" Rose added she looked at us "OK just because its the first day" then she go when she was unseen we laugh our shit out everyone was staring at us like we were crazy girls we eat our food and talked about the teachers the students we hate and put to kick them. 

After the break each one of us went to her class say goodbye and huge GOOD LUCK i went to my class everyone was staring i guess they know what happen in the cafeteria i just sit in my place and wait till the teacher come


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