Passionate Heart Beats

Brooke Summers, has to go with her cousin Liam, since her dad died, and her mom abuses her. Her mom's in jail, and she has to stay with Liam & The Bro's.
How will she survive?


1. Sunk, Relaxe, Sleep

"Hurry up, darling" Aunty Mays called after me. "Okay, I am almost done packing," I said. After a couple more minutes, I grabbed my suit cases, closing my blinds. I watched the glistening sun, I would miss this room. "Aunty Mays, do I have to go,?" I asked. "Yes, sweetie. I'm moving to Montana, you need to stay her in London. Anyways, Liam will be your gurading," she replied. I sighned, and grunted upsettingly, and I grabbed my Roxy backpack, and my  suitcase down stairs. "When will he be here"? She asked. "1992 Mustang?" she asked. "Urm, how'd you know?" I asked nervously. "He's here right now.. with a boy. Oh darn, I forgot..There's other boys" she said frowning. "Bye Aunty Mays," I said giving her a hug and kiss "Have fun in Montana!" I pulled out my Iphone4 and put on twitter "OMW To Liam's! #Excited.  I opened the door, running into a strange boy. "I'm Harold Styles, call me Hazza or Harry" he gave a smirk. I felt my heart sank. It melted. I love his accent.. Part british, part irish.. It was truly.. Wait! I ran into his arms. "Um, know me a bit quick,?" He said, Smirking. "I remember you. On The beach," I said. "Ooh, yeah. totally forgot you were her.." he said "I kissed his cheek. "You guys coming or?" I heard Liam asked. "Oh yeah.. Bf/GF moment" we both replied at the same time. "Hazza...Who said you could date my cousin?"  "We-" Hazza started, but I intrepted. "I want to go to bed, and relax" I protested. The car ride to Liam's was quite.. Cute. I layed my head on Liams lap, while he drove. I think I might love Hazza..Still... Even though we're still 'dating' kind of. Wonder what the other boys are up to?

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