The Secret of Svalenburg

A 15 year old girl, Elise, who lives in Svalenburg, thinks she has an ordinary life with ordinary parents. Until one day, on her sixteenth birthday, something goes wrong. Elise must find out what matters more in life, and become selfless to save her friends, and her home.


2. Trouble in the City

"Mom!",I say trying to find meaning of her sudden urgency.  She grabs my arm and says breathlessly,"No time, lets get back to the village and see what we can do from there."

We start sprinting at the same pace same stride, which seems hard but really is simple, because we are the same height and built the same because I got the stronger side of the gene pool from her.  We make it down the mountain and sprint the last half-mile to our neighborhood and book it inside.  

"Mom whats happening and why?!?", I say out of breath and in a half scared half desperate tone,"Mom you have to tell me this time you can't keep it from me." I say when I get no response. " 

"Okay...I'm gonna try to give it to you straight here, okay?", mom says as if I was still like 5 which hurts pretty bad given that I am almost sixteen.

"Mom, just go and try to make it snappy,"I say in exasperation.

"Okay look, I saw Romanon, he's like a really bad dude okay?  He's around forty now but I can tell you why we're scared of him. You now how we heard the birds on the mountain? Yeah, those were sirens, I was trying to get you to come down but be calm about it, but you were bent on staying right there.  And when everything looked peaceful in the city, yeah, um, that was because everyone was inside because of the "birds"," she says quicklygasping for breath from her quick explanation.

"Wow, um, so why are we scared of him?", I ask.

"Oh yeah...well a while back your grandpa, the crowned prince...."

But she doesn't get to finish because I cut her off, " Grandpa was the crowned prince!  That means we could have been royalty!  Is this why I never got to here about Gramps."




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