One Way Or Another

Every girl dreams of falling in love with their celebrity crush.Even Sammi Lynn Jackson.Her past with a celebrity which she meets up with again. Harvard student loves Liam Payne.But what if fate wants her to end up with another boy:Harry Styles....her celebrity friend of the past who still loves her.Will she end up with Liam the nice guy or Harry the heartbreaker.


2. We meet again

I sat down all the time at this desk thinking of this guy right next to me.Now he doesn't even know it is me.But i don't like him how i used to.When i think of him i think of my new crush.I remember those days.Then i moved to Detroit.It was fun.But every valentine's day i remember the kiss he gave Mary Jane instead of me."i love you,Sam"he used to say.Apparently he didn't. My hands are sweating from the thought of him sitting right here.

"hey are you okay?"he touched my hand

"im perfectly fine."i flinched at his touch.


*****After class*****

I immediately stood up and left the class without a glance at him.

"wait up "

"what do you want ?"

"i'm Harry Styles."

"i know"

"whats your name"

"Harry have you ever loved someone or said that you did and then kissed someone else and the person you loved moved away?"


"well i was the crush of a person who did that.Lemme tell you.IT HURTS."

"well look who it is Miss Sammi Lynn Jackson, our star student of Harvard in London"Mrs.Kirchkevel announced.I smiled at her.

"wait youre---"Harry said

"yup i have to go.See you around"


"i cant"I left


Harry's Pov

It's her.I finally saw her again.She's perfect.


*********************************************Authors note **************************************************************************

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

this chapter is for Tvd1Dlover 

and i would love it if you guys followed me on instagram at @lovelystyles__ and twitter at @MelisaStyles16

Love you guys 

Xx Melisa ;)

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