Baker Boy


8. Chapter 8

[Val's POV]

Honestly it was fun getting to know Harry except when he kept asking why I won't date him... I wouldn't tell him, I kept changing the subject. But I learned a lot about him and there is this little thought in my head that says, 'Date himmmm!' but the rest of my brain says, 'Stay awayyyy!'

"Why did your parents abandon you?" He asks.

I stay quiet for a minute but then I begin to explain, "Well, I used to be a trouble maker and get bad grades in school, they got disappointed in me and they said that I shouldn't even be their kid they said that my sister was so much better than me and they loved her more. They just got up and left, never came back."

"Oh..." Is all he has to say.

"Yup, so why are you living alone?" I question.

"I don't live alone, I live with my two friends..." He responds.

"Niall and Liam?"


"Then who?"

"Louis and Zayn."

"I WANNA MEET THEM." I say loudly.

He laughs, "They are just with their girlfriends right now.... They'll be home soon."

I giggle, "They better be here soon."

"Hey, were gonna leave." Liam says. He's holding Sky's hand. Their such a perfect couple.

"Okay, have fun." Harry says with a wink.

"Shut up!!!" Sky says as they walk out the door.

Then Brooke comes by us, "I'm leaving too."

"Niall, you going with her?" I ask.

Niall looks at her and she shakes her head.

"No." He mumbles.

Brooke gives him a kiss on the cheek then leaves.

"The cheek?!" Harry practically screams.

Me and Niall laugh.

I begin to say something but then two boys walk in.

"Louis? Why are you sad?" Harry asks concerned.

The one with dark brown hair in a quiff and brown eyes says, "Oh his girlfriend broke up with him..."

The other one just looks around at us but when his eyes land on me they light up, "Who is she?" He asks.

Harry kinda just stares at him, "I'm Valerie." I say.

"I like that name." He says with a smile.

"Are you serious." Harry mumbles as he walks out of the room.

"Well I'm Louis." he says as he comes and sits by me, "What's Harry's problem?" He asks.

"I don't know." I say, that was a complete lie. Harry is just jealous. God it's not like I'm gonna fall for this Louis guy. I'm not gonna date anyone!

"Oh, well did you know that you're beautiful?" He says as he looks into my eyes.

I can feel myself blush and I try not to but it doesn't work.

Niall clears his throat, "WELL." He says loudly as he tries to sit between us but really just sits on top of us.

"Sure, you can sit right there." I say as I roll my eyes.

Niall pushes Louis over and actually sits on the couch.

My phone vibrates and I look at it.

From: Baker Boy<3: 'You like Louis better than me don't you?'

I ignore the stupid text and put my phone in my pocket. "I'm gonna go..." I say standing up.

"But..." Niall begins.

"Shut up." I say then walk out the door.

As I walk into my place I get a call from a random number, I answer it.


"Hey beautiful..."

"Who the hell is this?" I know its not Harry and I don't think it would be Louis.

"Awe, you don't remember me voice?"

"I said who is this!" I say loudly as I become annoyed.

"I'll see you soon." And with that they hang up.

That is creepy. But oh well I think it was just a prank call.

I change into some basketball shorts and a tank top. Then I put my hair up in a messy bun.

Then my phone vibrates.

From: Baker Boy<3: 'Don't ignore me love.'

To: Baker Boy<3: 'Why don't you just leave me alone. Stop being so jealous. okay and I'm not gonna date anyone, not you, not Louis. NO ONE.'

Then I feel someone hug me from behind and say, "I've missed you."

I quickly move from the hug and turn around, it's Noah.

"Awe, why did you move?"

"Why are you here?"

"I've missed you. I wanted to see your face again!"

"NO! Get out of here! I don't want you here. I don't miss you."

"Stop lying."

I push him towards the door, "GO!!!"

Within seconds he hits me, over and over again. Making bruises on my face and arms.

"STOP!" I scream.

"SHUT UP!!!" He shouts.

I run to the kitchen to grab a knife but he follows me and the first thing I see is a cup so I grab it and throw it at him. It misses him and hits the wall, shattering into pieces.

"That wasn't smart." He says as he comes closer to me.

I quickly move and go behind him. He turns around and walks closer to me making me move backwards. I step on some glass and cut my feet as he pushes me again the wall.

"Get. out. Of. Here!" I scream.

He hits me over and over again. I slowly slide down and sit on the floor. Tears are streaming down my face. He kicks me and I fall and lay there on the floor. I lay on top of all the glass cutting my arm.

"I'll see you later." He says as he kisses my cheek and leaves.

I lay there still on the glass crying, I don't want to move so I close my eyes and fall asleep.


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