Baker Boy


7. Chapter 7

[Val's POV]

I really got to know Sky. We sat on one of Harry's couches and talked for about three hours. I told her about how my family abandoned me and I told her everything about Noah and why I won't date Harry. She gets mad -- like how Brooke gets mad -- every time I tell her that I won't date Harry cause I don't trust him and he won't be able to fix my broken heart.

"Come onnn! You guys would be such a cute couple!" She says.

"Nooo!" I say.

"Why?!" She asks for like the fifth time.

"I've already told you." I whine.

"But look at him! He really wants to be with you! I bet if you give him a chance he won't ever try to hurt you or break your heart. He would love you till the day he dies Val!"' She says pointing at Harry.

Harry looks at us -- at me mostly.

I look away from him. "I'm not gonna date him." I say becoming annoyed with this topic.

She groans, "Ughhhhhhh."

I giggle a little, "Why are you so annoyed?"

She mocks me, "I already told you."

I roll my eyes and stand up, "Whatever I'm done with this conversation." I start to walk away.

Sky grabs my arm, "Where are you going?" She asks.

"Going to find the bathroom." I say as I pull my arm out of her grasp and walk out of the room.

Harry's place is so much bigger than mine. I could get lost in it. I don't even understand how he can afford it. He's 16, living on his own, and works at a bakery. It doesn't make sense. And why would they make this place bigger than all the other places. Like my place, it's so tiny compared to this. I pull myself out of my thought and find myself in a long hallway. I begin to look in the rooms for the bathroom. When I hear a voice behind me say, "Looking for something?"

I jump and turn around to find Harry standing there.

"Damn it Harry! You scared me! I'm only looking for the bathroom!" I shout.

He laughs, "Sorry and it's the room at the way end of the hallway."

I turn around and start to walk towards the bathroom but the I quickly stop and turn to face Harry again.

I freak out and let loose everything in my mind, "Why do you have such a huge place! And how can you afford it Harry! Why do you like me? Why can't you leave me alone and go find a different girl?! Besides your probably just a player, you just want to take advantage of me and then just leave me. Like that. Boom! Your in my life, two days later... Poof! Your gone. Like bye! Break my heart even more. No, just stop. You don't really want me. You're not gonna really love me. I can't trust you. No, I don't even know you, I don't even know why I'm in your house! Your just a stranger! Your just the baker boy that I met today!"

He stands there in shock for a minute then finally says something, "Val, honestly I don't know why this place if huge but I'm not the only one who lives here my two other friends live here with me, they help me pay rent. Honestly, I used to be a player till I ment you, then it like stopped. Once I saw you I didn't want to be a player, I just wanted you. I really like you Val and you just gotta believe that. I can't leave you alone, not till your mine and even then I won't leave you alone. I'm gonna love you till I die, your always gonna be in my mind. And you don't know me? Then let's change that, how about you go to the bathroom and after that we can go sit on my couch and talk, it's only four so we have time to talk. We could talk till you want to leave. I promise you that I won't break your heart."

I stand there staring at him as I let those words soak in and I think, maybe Harry isn't that bad. I think I should get to know him.

I calm down a bit and say, "fine." then I walk into the bathroom.

"By the way! You're so cute when your angry!" He shouts.


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