Baker Boy


6. Chapter 6

[Niall's POV]

I have really got to know Brooke the last couple hours, all we did was sit on Harry's couch and talk for like three hours. Every time she talks I look into her beautiful, sparkling green eyes and I smile. I really love everything about her and she's an amazing person to be around. I've noticed that when she gets mad her eyes become dark. Like when harry threw a pillow at her cause he was bored, her eyes got dark as she threw the pillow back at him as hard as she can. It was funny though cause Harry screamed like a little girl. I just really want her to be mine after getting to know her and how beautiful she is.

"Hey Brooke...." I begin.

"Yeah Nialler?" She says.

"Um, would you want to go out with me?" I ask. I've never been so nervous.

"YEs!!" She practically shouts.

I smile and hug her. Yes! She's now mine. No one else's.

"What was that loud 'Yes!!' about and that hug?" Liam asks.

"Were dating now!" Brooke says with a huge smile.

Harry half smiles and looks at Val, I know her really wants her to be his. I'm thinking that me and Brooke are gonna have to get Val to go out with him. I don't even know why she won't go out with him and that's kinda bugging me. There must be something that's holding her back.

"REALLY?!" Val screams. Actually, I can't tell if she's happy or mad....

"Yes..." Brooke says kinda quiet.

"I'm so happy for you guys though!" Val says smiling, "And Niall, you break her heart... I'll break you're face."

I kinda laugh, "I will never break her heart."

"That's cool!" Sky begins then looks at Harry then at Val then back to Harry, "Now all we need to do is get these two together." She says pointing at Val and Haz.

"No way." Val says.

Harry just sits there listening to out conversation.

"Val I know why you're saying that and--" Sky begins.

"You know too?" Brooke asks.

"Yes..." Sky says.

"Wait know what?" I ask confused.

"Nothing, shut up." Sky says.

"Let's change the subject..." Val says.

"Okay?" I say confused.

I look at Brooke, "Hey, I'm gonna go talk to Harry."

"Okay." Brooke says.

I start to walk away but then Brooke decides to follow me, "I wanna come." She says smiling.

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