Baker Boy


5. Chapter 5

[Liam's POV]

Skyler is so amazing, I love everything about her. Her eyes, hair, lips, personality, voice. EVERYTHING. I can't get her off my mind and she just met two of my closest friends, Niall and Harry. They seem to like her. Niall especially. He's kind of her new best friend.

Once we walk into Harry's place she whines, "I'm hungry!!!"  and instantly Niall shout, "Me tooooooo!!!"

I just laugh and kiss her cheek. She smiles like crazy.

Then we see Harry walk in with two girls.

"Guys, this is  Valerie...." He points to a girl with ocean blue eyes like Niall's and long wavy brown hair, "This is her friend Brooke." He points to a girl with wavy blond hair and green eyes.

"Hello!" Sky says.

Both girls respond with a hello.

Niall quickly forgets about food and focuses on Brooke.

I notice that Val and Sky are talking and they end up sitting on the couch and starts to get to know each other.

Harry comes up to me, "They are getting along good...."

"Yeah. I'm glad. Hey are you dating Val?"

"No, I wish. She will be mine sometime."

"That's how it was with me and Sky, it took me forever to finally date Sky, she was playing hard to get."


I see a new student in our class. Her name is Skyler, sky for short. She looks lonely. So I walk up to her and start to chat with her. Her hazel eyes sparkling in the light and her brown hair so perfect.

"Hey, I really like you." I say with a wink.

"Really? That's great." She says trying to hide a smile.

"Can I get your number?"

"Oh no no no no." She says shaking her head."

"What? You said that I could have it though."

She giggles and starts to write her number on my hand with a blue sharpie.

She's so beautiful. Perfect.

The bell rings and we all scatter, "I'll text you later." I say smiling as we go to our lockers. I get my stuff and walk out the school since that was our last class. I text her and I get an instant reply.

[Flashback Over]

"We texted non-stop for weeks and with me asking her so many times if she would go out with me, she finally said yes. Now she's right there! She's dating me!" I say with excitement.

Harry laughs, "Hope that works for me too."



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