Baker Boy


4. Chapter 4

Liam girlfriend is Skyler. (Tyniallovealldirectioner)  :)


[Harry's POV]

Once me and Niall leave the bakery and get into his car to go to my apartment I decide to text Valerie.

To: Val<3: 'Hey it's Harry beautiful...'

I instantly get a reply back.

From: Val<3: 'Ugh flirting already Harry?'

I get a big cheeky smile when I see the message. I really like talking to her though. Niall looks at me as he starts the car and says, "Who are you flirting with Haz?"

"That girl that I was sitting next to in the bakery. Her names Valerie." I say. I can't seem to get this smile off of my face.

Niall drives away as I quickly text her back.

To: Val<3: 'Of course, hey you got a boyfriend?'

"So, you really like her huh?" Liam asks.

Niall jumps in shock, "OH MY GOD I FORGOT LIAM HIS IN THE CAR WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND!!" he screams.

I laugh "Yes Liam and do I get to know your girlfriends name?" I ask.

"Her name is Skyler." He says as he smiles at her.

"But call me Sky." She says.

"Well, that's a beautiful name!" I say with a friendly smile.

"Right? It's like an awesome name and Sky is like a really awesome person too!!!!" Niall says. Niall seems a little crazy today...

I actually think sky is cute... Like her brown hair and hazel eyes... I smile at the thought.

Once we get to my apartment I text Val again before I get out of the car.

To: Val<3: 'It's not nice to ignore me love.'

I get out of the car and we all walk into the building. I immediately get a text.

From: Val<3: 'I don't have a boyfriend.'

To: Val<3: 'Pretty girl like you with no boyfriend? I can change that. ;)'

We walk up the stairs to the second level and to my door. I start to open it but then I get a text.

"Hang on lads." I say as I pull out my phone.

From: Val<3: 'No.'

I put my phone back in my pocket, she will soon be mine, I open the door and let everyone in when I hear someone scream, "LOOK IT'S YOUR FUTER BOYFRIEND!!!" I quickly turn around and see Valerie and her friend... Brooke?

I smile, "Hello Val..." He says.

"Hello Harry... You live her too?" She asks.

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