Baker Boy


35. Chapter 35

[Valerie's POV] *A week later*

My phone buzzes in my ear, I quickly pop my head off of the pillow. Finding out that Harry isn't in bed with me, I grab my phone and answer with a sleepy, "Hello?"

"Valerie, I'm sorry for what happened on your wedding night." I hear a deep voice say on the other line.

I already know that it's my dad, "Why did you do that?" I ask a little annoyed.

"Cause that night I just found out that my daughter has been dating a guy that I never got to meet, had a child with him, and got married to him." He responds.

"But that doesn't give you the right to punch my husband in the face right in front of his daughter."

"Can I visit you guys later and apologize in person?"



After explaining directions to my dad on how to get to my house we finally hung up. "Harry!" I call out getting out of bed.

"Mommy!" Lizzy screams running into my room with Harry trailing behind her.

"What?" He asks as he sits on the bed and looks at me. Lizzy crawls up on the bed too and sits on me.

"My dad is going to come over and apologize for everything and he said he wants to get to know you too."

"That sounds like a good idea...." Harry agrees.

I put Lizzy on Harry's lap and stand up. I quickly change into a pair of sweat pants and one of Harry's shirts. I throw my hair up into a messy bun and that's when there is a loud knock at the door.

"I got it." Harry announces.

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