Baker Boy


34. Chapter 34

[Valerie's POV] *Wedding reception*

Harry is excited and telling me about when Lizzy walked halfway down the aisle, "That's not fair I didn't get to see that!" I whine. Lizzy was dancing around with Niall but then she walks over to Harry and he picks her up. My dad slowly walks over and says, "So when were you planning on telling me about this wedding and about this guy." He says looking at Harry.

"It's Harry and I don't know....." I say quietly.

"Who's kid is that?" He asks looking at Lizzy.

"That is uhm.... Lizzy?" I say that came out more like a question. says

"Who's daughter is that though?" He asks.

"Mine." Harry says fast.

"You have a kid? Aren't you too young?" He questions.

"Mama." Lizzy says quietly.

I freak out, "Oh my god you just said mama!" I scream grabbing her from Harry.

"WHAT?" My dad says loudly.

"Uhm.... Okay so this is my daughter too?" I say slowly.

"VALERIE YOU ARE TOO YOUNG!!!! WHY DID YOU NOT USE PROTECTION?!" He screams, his face red with anger.

"Oops?" Harry says.

My dad gives Harry a dirty look and grabs onto his shit and throws him against the wall. "DAD!" I scream. My dad then punches Harry.

Niall comes by and grabs Lizzy from me and Lizzy starts crying. I pull my dad off of Harry and scream, "LEAVE DAD THIS IS PROBABLY WHY I NEVER TOLD YOU ANYTHNG!" My dad storms out. I walk over to Harry, his nose is bleeding.

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