Baker Boy


33. Chapter 33

[Harry's POV] *Seven months later*

Today is the day, I finally get to marry Valerie! Everyone is waiting outside. Yes, our wedding is outside. I start to walk out and down the aisle. Oh and Lizzy is the flower girl, I thought it would be cool if we tie the flowers around her as she crawls down the aisle. Next Lizzy crawls down the aisle and as she's aisle down she stands up and starts walking. My eyes go wide, "Lizzy you're walking!" I shout. Okay, maybe I should have stayed quiet but that was amazing! I have a huge cheeky smile on my face but whatever. I think Valerie missed that!

[Valerie's POV]

I have no one to walk me down the aisle, I didn't even tell my dad anything that has happened. I didn't tell him about Harry, or Lizzy, or that I'm getting married. As I start to walk down the aisle someone grabs my arm I look back to see my dad.


"I heard about the wedding on Twitter." He says. That's right, I forgot he had a Twitter.

I smile and we start to walk down the aisle. Harry has a confused look, he doesn't know what my dad looks like. Once I finally get down the aisle to Harry he whispers, "Who's that?"

I laugh, "My dad." I whisper back.

We say our vows and after everything the preacher finally says, "You may kiss the bride." Harry kisses me and everyone claps.


Awhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! They got married. Finally. Yay!!!!!!!! :D


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