Baker Boy


32. Chapter 32

[Harry's POV] *At night*

We ordered pizza and it just got here, I paid the guy and told Val to go sit down on the couch and I'll bring the pizza to her in a second. I open the pizza box and quickly write,

Will you marry me?

On the inside of the box. Ha! It's a little cheesy but it will be cute. I pull the ring out of my pocket and look at it, I hope she likes it! I put it back in my pocket and close the pizza box. I take it out to her and set it on her lap. She slowly opens it and when she reads the words on the box her eyes go wide. I quickly get down on one knee and pull out the ring. "Valerie, I love you so much! I love Lizzy... I just want to spend the rest of my life with both of you. Will you marry me?"

Her eyes tear up and she sets the pizza box on the couch and kisses me, "Yes." She whispers. She hugs me tight.


AWH! That was cute. :D Sorry it was short but IT WAS AWESOME RIGHT?!

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