Baker Boy


30. Chapter 30

[Valerie's POV]

It was a trick! He's gonna hurt Harry! I pull out a pin that's in my hair and I start to pick the lock. "Come on! Come on!" I whisper to myself. I finally open the door and there we go! "I'M FREE!" I shout. I can leave! I run up the stairs and out the door. I run down the street until I finally reach a busy street. I look around until I find the sign to tell me where I'm at. Perfect, I'm not far from the bakery! I run as fast as I can.

*Thirty minutes later*

I run up to the bakery out of breath. It's closed! "DAMN IT!" I scream hitting the door. I have to get to the apartment! If I had my phone then I would call Harry but Noah took it. As I'm running down the street Sky pulls up next to me and I see Lizzy in the back.

"Val!" She screams in excitement.

I quickly jump in, "Where's Harry?"

Her smile fades and she says, "The hospital. Hey, how did you get away from Noah?"

"I was in a room and it was locked and I picked the lock and I heard that it was a trick to kill Harry." I say fast as Sky quickly start to drive to the hospital.

"Liam told me that he is not gonna die but he is cut pretty bad." She says. Well, at least he's not dead. I look back at Lizzy who is asleep.

*At the hospital*

We walk in fast and go into the room that Harry is in.

"Harry!" I say a little to loud and he quickly looks over at me. His eyes light up and I quickly walk to him.

"How did you get out?" He questions.

"I picked the lock, I was locked up in a room. Harry, I'm so glad you're alive!"

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