Baker Boy


3. Chapter 3

[Valerie's POV]

I actually can't believe that Brooke gave him my number! "Brooke why did you do that?!" I ask once Harry is out of sight.

"I was getting so tired of hearing how you miss that lowlife I don't even want to speak of his name. But, Harry actually really likes you, I can tell and I actually like him. I think he would make you happy and take good care of you. If you weren't gonna give him your number I sure the hell was and I did." She says serious.

I roll my eyes.

"It's for the best... And did you see his friend?!" She says.

"Yes..." I respond.

She sighs, "His ocean blue eyes, like yours. They shine in the light. And his beautiful blond hair." She is smiling like an idiot right now as she stares at a wall. Probably imagining Harry's friend.

My phone vibrates in my pocket. I look at it.

From random number: 'Hey it's Harry beautiful...'

I smile but then it fades away I put him in my phone as: Baker Boy<3

To: Baker Boy<3: 'Ugh flirting already Harry?'

Within second he responds.

From: Baker Boy<3: 'Of course, hey you got a boyfriend?'

"Hey!!! Are you already texting him?" Brooke asks.

"No...." I respond obviously lying.

"You are totally lying. She says, ugh your face is red!"

I roll my eyes and put my phone back in my pocket, ignoring the text.

"Wanna go?" Brooke asks.

"Yes. But go where?"

"Hmmm, to you place?"

"Ugh, I live in an apartment. I hate it. But whatever let's go."

As we walk out and start to walk to my place My phone vibrates again.

I look at it.

From: Baker Boy<3: 'It's not nice to ignore me love.'

I roll my eyes, seems like I do that to much but who cares I respond.

To: Baker Boy<3: 'I don't have a boyfriend.'

From: Baker Boy<3: Pretty girl like you with no boyfriend? I can change that. ;)'

I giggle and Brooke looks at me weird, "What?"

"Um, Nothing..."

"Stop lying to me!"

"She sees my phone and attacks me for it, "What. Is. He. Saying. To. You!?" She says slowly.

"It's not him!" I shout.

"Come one Val no other guy has got you to smile and giggle like that before..." She whines.

I finally give in, "Fine! It's him!"

She smirks, "I knew it."

I ignore her and reply to Harry.

To: Baker Boy<3: 'No'

Then I put my phone back and walk into my apartment building.

Brooke sighs, "I haven't been here in forever..."

As we walk up the flight of stairs to the second level and walk to my door we see Harry.


Harry quickly turns around and once he sees me he smiles.

"Hello Val..." He says.

"Hello Harry... You live here too?" I ask.


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