Baker Boy


29. Chapter 29

[Harry's POV] *Next day*

Sky is here today, "Hey Sky?" I say.

"Yeah?" She says.

"Can you watch Lizzy for me?" I question.

"Sure!" She says with a smile.

"Okay, she is sleeping right now." I say before I walk out of the room.

Today me and the boys don't have to go to the studio and I don't have to work at the bakery but I'm still going to the bakery just to get Valerie back.

*At the bakery*

I don't see Valerie or Noah so I just sit down at a table and wait.

My phone buzzes and it's a text.

From: Val<3: 'If you wanna see her meet us BEHIND the bakery.'

I quickly walk out of the bakery and go behind only to find no one there. I sigh loudly, now I have to stand back here and wait.

I hear footsteps behind me and I turn around only to see Noah with a knife in his hand.

I walk backwards but he comes running at me and stabs me in the stomach. I fall to me knee and scream out in pain. I see Noah run off and I pull out my phone to call Liam.


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