Baker Boy


28. Chapter 28

[Harry's POV]

I get home and find that Valerie isn't home, so where is she? And Lizzy? I go next door to see if the boys know where she is.

"Harry finally! I can't get Lizzy to sleep! I  don't know where Valerie went! All the boys went out to dinner and left me here with Lizzy! I think I'm going mental!" Niall shouts over Lizzy's cries.

"I pick up Lizzy and ask, "Where did Val go?"

"She left me with Lizzy so she could get out of the house, go shopping for Lizzy. She left a little bit after you left for work. She hasn't been home yet and it's five Harry! I couldn't call her cause I was dealing with Lizzy! I've been worried about her. Harry call her!" Niall says loudly.

I quickly get Lizzy to fall asleep and I lay her on the couch next to Niall.

"Hey! How do you do that so fast!?" Niall asks as I start to call Val.

"Well, I'm her father, she likes me better." I say with a smile.

My smile fades away as I hear Noah answer the phone, "Baker boy! I've been waiting for your call for a while now!"

"What did you do to Valerie? How did you get out of jail?" I say loudly.

"Well, Valerie is right here! Say hi to Mr. Styles!" Noah says.

I hear Val, "Harry! He's got me trapped here in this room in a house and--" Noah cuts her off, "That's enough, so Harry you can come say one last goodbye to Val."

"Last goodbye? No! She's mine! Not yours!" I shout.

Niall quickly gets up and smacks me and whispers, "You wake Lizzy up and I'll hurt you so badly."

I ignore Niall and hear Noah say, "She never was yours Styles. She has always been mine. She loves me, not you. Now if you want that last goodbye then meet me at the bakery tomorrow."

After that he hangs up.


Sorry it's short but is it good? I finally got this chapter up and I'm so happy! Aha.

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