Baker Boy


25. Chapter 25

[Val's POV] *3 months later*

I spent the last three months with Harry. We had so much fun. I'm just sitting in bed when something happens...

"Harry!" I say waking him.

His head pops up really fast, "What?!"

"I think my water just broke." I say.

Harry jumps up and quickly throws a shirt on and then he quickly helps me up and we go to the hospital. We get into a room and I lay on the bed. I'm ready to have this baby and die. I had a good life though and I'm accepting the fact that I will die just to have this baby. Me and Harry picked out the perfect name for her, Elizabeth Marie Styles. Were gonna call her Lizzy.

About 2 hours later I have the baby. She's so adorable and she has her daddy's eyes. They cleaned her up and handed her to Harry. His eyes are wide and he has a huge smile on his face which makes me smile. But one thing that I don't understand is how I'm still alive? "Hey nurse?" I say.

She comes over and says, "Is everything okay?"

"Yes, definitely I just thought that the doctor said I was gonna die?" I whisper so Harry won't hear.

"Um, he must have said that to you on accident, cause he was suppose to say that to a different patient. I'm so sorry." She says then walks away to find the doctor.

Yay! I'm so happy right now! And I can see that Harry is too!

He walks over to me, "Wanna hold her?" He asks.

"Yes." I say and he hands her to me.

"Lizzy, she's so adorable." I say. "Hey, did you know she's got her daddy's eyes?"

He smiles, "I guess she does."


:P Who's happy?! I am! Anyways sorry the last couple chapters have been short. Guys, what do you think should happen in the next chapter?

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