Baker Boy


24. Chapter 24

[Val's POV] *Six months later*

Well so far we do know what gender the baby is and it's a girl!! Harry's so excited to see our baby girl. When were laying in bed he will talk to my stomach and it's so cute. The baby starts kicking like crazy every time I get close to Harry. His eyes light up every time he feels her kicking. And if you put headphones on my stomach and play music she will move around like crazy. Harry thinks she will be a dancer when she grows up.

I'm at the doctor with Sky today. This is be the first appointment that Harry isn't here for cause he has to go to the studio with the boys.

"Valerie..." The doctor says walking in.

"Yeah?" I say worried.

"Well we just found out that either you will die during the birth or the baby will..." The doctor says.

A couple tears slide down my face and Sky freaks out, "WHAT WHY?!" She asks.

"Well, something isn't functioning right.... But if you want to you could just get an abortion..." He says.

"Val, I think you should do that." Sky says.

"No! I'm going threw with this!" I say loudly.

"But, one of you would die.." Sky says looking at me confused.

"Well, if I die then oh well. I want to go threw with this. I want to have this baby and I want her to live." I say as I get up. "I'm leaving now." I say as I walk out the door.

Sky follows me, "Are you gonna tell Harry?"

"No, I don't want to tell him." I say as I get into the car.

"Why not?" Sky asks as she starts to drive away.

"Just cause I don't okay." I say fast.

The rest of the car ride is silent.

If I die then I've got three more months with Harry, I'm gonna try to make it the best three months ever.


Ahhhhh! I just thought of this and is it good so far?

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