Baker Boy


20. Chapter 20

[Val's POV] *Three Weeks later*

So they all auditioned, got threw and ended up being pout together as a group! They're doing really good so far and me, Sky, Brooke and Erika are so proud of them.

Just a week ago Brooke and Niall got back together. Niall decided to forgive her and give her a second chance. He said if they break up again then they will never get back together and now Brooke is gonna have a serious relationship. I decided to forgive her for dancing with Noah cause she was drunk. She had WAY to much bee that night.

After that night I didn't talk to her until about two weeks ago.

Me, Erika, Sky and Brooke are all staying at my place until our boys come back, after they win! Of course there gonna make it to first place and be really famous!


Ahhhhhhhh!!! It's really short! Too short! Sorry! xx

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