Baker Boy


2. Chapter 2

[Harry's POV]

I see two girls walk into the bakery. But only one really catches my eye. They walk over to a table all the way across the bakery. But weirdly one of them walked in with wet clothes...

One of them comes up to the counter after a while to order. Oh she's so beautiful, Her brown wavy hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Her sparkling ocean blue eyes.

"What do you want?" I ask nicely. Well, I guess I should have said something nicer...

She orders and I swear she was just trying to order the entire bakery.

I laugh and ask, "Anything else?"

"Nah, I don't think so..."  She responds with a cute smile on her face. How adorable!

I ask her what kind of cookies but it seams like she didn't hear me... "Did you hear me?" I ask.

"I'm sorry, what?" She asks. He face becoming red with embarrassment. That was really cute.

I ask her what kind of cookies and cupcake. She yells across the bakery for what kind of cupcake.

"Did ya hear that?" She asks looking back at me.

"Yes I got that but I didn't get your number." I really want to get to know her better she seems really cool and so adorable. Someone else bring the food she wants out and sets it in front of her on the counter.

Her face gets red again and she smiles but it quickly disappears as she shakes her head, "Well, you don't get it."

"Why not?" I ask feeling disappointed.

"I don't even know your name..."

"I'm Harry.." I say with a smile.

"That's great." She says looking away. Awe she's being mean to me. probably playing hard to get?

"Why so mean?"

"Cause I am..."

"Okay but what's your name? At least tell me that..."


"That's a beautiful name." I smile again.

She rolls her eyes, "Where's my food?"

"Right in front of you..."

"Well, thanks.,.." She says as she walks away.

I sigh and smile as I watch her walk to her friend and sit down. I'm gonna get her number sometime...

A bit later I end up walking over to her table since I'm off of work now, "Hey Valerie..." I smile.

She waves and points at a chair telling me to sit down, her mouth is full. I think she stuck an entire brownie in her mouth...

I laugh cause that was cute and she has some chocolate on the corner of her mouth. I grab a napkin and wipe her mouth.

She smiles and swallows, "Thanks!"

"No problem."

"Well, I'm Brooke!" Her friend adds as she looks at me.

"Hi, I'm Harry."

"Cool..." She says taking a bite of her cookie.

"May I ask why your all wet?" I say looking at Brooke weird.

"Oh!!! I was--" She begins but Valerie interrupts her.

"She was trying to impress some twins and she ended up dancing and tripped and fell in the fountain." Valerie laughs.

"It wasn't funny." Brooke whines.

I laugh, "I wish I was there to see that..'

"Oh you would have laughed so hard." Valerie says smiling at me.

"I bet." I say.

Then there is an awkward silence.

"Valerie, I still want your number..." I say as I look at her.

I see Brooke give her a weird look and Valerie mouths something to her.

"No.' Valerie finally says.

"WHAT?!" Brooke screams as she stands up. "Ugh, sometimes you annoy me Val."

Brooke walks up to the counter and grabs a sharpie and writes something on a napkin. Then she comes back and hands it to me, "Here, It's her number." She says smirking.

"Brooke!" Valerie whines.

I smile, but then my friend Niall walks through the door, "Come on! Let's go hang out at your house mate!"

I kinda shake my head and laugh. He walks over to us. Immediately I see Brooke's eyes light up. I quickly mouth to her her: do you like him?

She mouths back: Yes!

I laugh and look at Valerie, "I'll text you later, okay?"

"Whatever." She says.

I stand up as Niall says, "Liam is waiting in the car with his new girlfriend too!" He smiles as if it's the most awesome thing ever.

I laugh and say, "Okay..."As we walk out of the bakery."













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