Baker Boy


19. chapter 19

[Val's POV]

"Are you okay?" Sky ask.

"You need to sit down?" Erika questions.

"I want to see the scar!!" Louis says.

"Does it still hurt?" Niall asks.

"Guys, would you shut up and let her talk?" Zayn says.

"Zayn you shut up!" Louis says.

"Guys! Shut up and let Valerie talk and Louis, Zayn, stop fighting!" Liam says and everyone shuts up.

"I'm okay, I don't need to sit down, too much energy. It doesn't hurt any more and...." I pull up my shirt a little just to show my scar, "Here's my scar."

"Can I touch it?!" Louis asks.

I laugh, "No!'

Louis pretends to be sad but I ignore him, "Where's Harry's room?" I ask.

"Um, well, he's singing right now... find where is voice is coming from..." Zayn suggests.

"Okay?" I say as I walk out of the room.

I hear Harry singing and I finally find his room but I stand outside listening to him sing. He sounds like an angel! I didn't know he could sing!

He opens the door still singing and stops when he sees me. He looks at me smiling, "You sound amazing!!!" I say loudly.

"Really?" He asks.

"Yes! You know what?" I say.

"What?!" He questions.

"You should go on the X-Factor! No... you ARE going on X-Factor! I'm making you!" I say smiling.

"But, you can't just make me..." He says.

I start begging him, "Please! Please! You have an amazing voice Harry! You would get threw! I know it! You can audition next week!"

"Okay! Okay! " He says giving in. "Did you know the other boys can sing too?" He says.

"No way!" I say then I run out into the living room, "GUYS!!!!" I shout.

"GIRL!!!!!" Louis shouts.

"Huh?" Niall says.

"What?" Zayn questions.

"Is everything okay?" Liam asks.

"You guys can sing?!?!" I ask.

"Yes!" Louis responds.

"Really?" Sky asks.

"Yep!" Liam says. "You didn't know that I tried out on X-Factor in 2008 and they said to go back in two years? I'm going to audition next week!" Liam says smiling.

"Wow!" Erika says.

"Wanna hear us sing?" Niall asks.

"No! We will hear you guys sing when you ALL audition for the X-Factor! No, I'm making you guys go!" I say fast.

"Okay I'll audition..." Niall says.

"I will too!" Louis says.

"Uhhh... I don't know..." Zayn says.

"Awe! Please!" Erika begs and I help her.

"Fine!" Zayn says giving in.

Me, Sky and Erika all cheer.

Then I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist, hugging me from behind again, "I'm going to work." I hear Harry say as he kisses my cheek.

I turn around and kiss Harry on the lips, "Have fun baker boy! Don't cheat on me with those cookies!" I say.

He becomes serious, "You're sweeter than any cookie!" He says with a cheeky smile as he kisses me again, we have a make out session.

I pull away to breath then I say, "Go! You're gonna be late!"

He laughs, "Bye, love you!"

"Love you too Haz!"

Then he walks out the door.


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