Baker Boy


18. Chapter 18

[Val's POV] *Four weeks later*

I'm feeling SO much better. I'm all healed and haven't seen Noah. I've thanked Harry and Niall so many times even though I know that Noah will probably come back.

Harry has been worried about me, he doesn't think that I should be healed and feeling better. But I am, I'm not lying but it's so cute how worried he is. I'm up making breakfast, it's only six in the morning. Harry is here at my place, he's been staying here A LOT lately.

"Hey babe, what are you doing? You should be resting..." I hear Harry as his arms wrap around my waist, hugging me from behind,

I smile, I love his morning voice, "I don't have to rest, I'm feeling great! And I'm making you breakfast before you go to the bakery!" I say.

He kisses my cheek, then my neck. It sends goose bumps all over my body. I smile like an idiot. "But at least sit down after making breakfast? And what are you making me?"

I giggle, "I'm making pancakes! Oh and I can't sit! I want to get up and moveeee!"

"Wow, you've got lots of energy!" He says laughing.

I put the pancakes on a plate and then turn to face Harry, he's shirtless!

"And guess what!" I say smiling.

He smiles, "What?!" He asks, trying to sound as excited as I am.

"I think later we should get pizza and then go down to the beach and eat the pizza while watching the sunset and then we can go for a mid night swim!"

He laughs, "Sounds fun!"

"Totally!" I say as I hand him the pancakes.

"You gonna eat any?" He asks.


"Come on, you need to eat breakfast!!" He says now getting some of my energy.

I pull out the can of whip cream, "Don't make me!" I say pointing it at him.

He sets the plate down on the counter and throws his hands up, "Whoa, calm down. Put the can down..." He says slowly.

I just laugh then spray him ALL OVER. He looks down to see his body full of whip cream and his face is covered too. Then he says, "Valerieee.... come give me a hug!!!!" He says smiling, "And a kiss!!!"

I run, "No! Stay back!" I scream.

He chases me and then grabs me pulling me close to him then he kisses me and now I'm covered in whip cream. "Harry!" I squeal.

"Pay back!" He says laughing.

"Harry Edward Styles! Get your ass in the shower!"

"Fine!" He walks away laughing and I'm laughing too.

I stand there and then yell, "Harry! Go shower at you're own house! I need to shower too!"

He laughs as he walks out, he hugs me and kisses me then grabs the pancakes and says, "I love you, I'll stop by before I go to work."

"Love you too baker boy!"

He smiles and walks out.

I quickly take a shower, dry my hair, curl it, put on booty shorts and a plain white t-shirt, then I put on some make up. I quickly put on my shoes and run out of my place and into Harry's.

"Hello Val!!!" Louis says.

"Val's hear?" Erika asks.

"NO WAY! MY BEST FRIEND?!" I hear Sky scream from the kitchen, of course she's in the kitchen probably with Niall eating. I laugh.

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