Baker Boy


17. Chapter 17

[Harry's Val]

I am so worried about Val. She's my girl. I hate to see her hurt and there is definitely something wrong if she's throwing up blood.

She's holding her stomach and I say, "You're gonna be okay Val." I'm holding her hand.

Once we get to the hospital we get her into a room and she throws up blood again all over the floor, "I'm sorry." She mumbles to the nurse.

"That's alright." The nurse says, understanding.

Were in there for a bit they ask her questions, look at her stomach, do tests on her and they do all of that really fast. Finally the doctor comes in and says, "Valerie, we are gonna have to take out your spleen. You can survive without it though. But we need to do it now. It will take like two hours."

Val quickly answers, "Yes! Now!"

Okay then can you guys please go into the waiting room. She will be done soon.

Me and Sky walk out and we are waiting. We sit next to each other and were both tired cause it's about five in the morning. I will NOT go to sleep till I know that my Val is okay.

Sky ends up falling asleep with her head on my shoulder.

*Two hours later*

The nurse walks out and says, "You guys can see her now. And she can leave the hospital within two or three days and it will heal within four weeks." The doctor says before walking away.

I wake up Sky and tell her what the doctor said.

We go into the room and I walk over to Val and hold her hand, "How are you?" I ask.

"I'm fine." She mumbles, "But I'm tired."

"Okay, I'll let you sleep. I won't leave you though." I say. Then I pull a chair up to the bed and sit there.

"Sky, you can call Liam and see if he will come and pick you up..."

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