Baker Boy


16. Chapter 16

[Valerie's POV]

"So this is the guy? Noah?" Niall says becoming angry.

"Yes..." I say and right then Noah grabs me and starts to walk away fast.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" Niall says chasing after us.

I slap Noah in the face and that was a horrible mistake cause he just drops me on the ground. I fall and hurt my ass and my elbow, "Ouch!" I scream.

"Shut the hell up!" Noah shouts and stomps right on my stomach. I can't handle it and I burst into tears and I throw up.

Then I see two guys beating up Noah and Sky and Liam are right next to me. I think it's Harry and Niall who are beating up Noah.

"Val! Are you okay?"

Right when she says that I throw up again but this time with some blood.

"Harry!!" Sky screams and Harry looks over at me then he runs over here.

I hear Niall scream, "Go! Leave!" And I see Noah get off the ground and slowly walk away.

Niall runs over too.

"Okay, Niall and Liam go find Brooke and the rest and get them home. Sky, come with me, were gonna take Val to the hospital." I hear Harry say fast. Then he picks me up and sets me in the car. I can smell the alcohol on his breath, I've only had four drinks but Harry had way more. I'm not drunk any more but he still is a little. Sky really isn't she didn't drink much either so she is gonna drink I think.


Sorry it's short!!!! But I'll have another chapter up here soon!!

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