Baker Boy


15. Chapter 15

[Niall's POV]

I left Brooke on the dance floor fo a couple minutes to get her a drink and when I came back I saw her dancing with a guy. No, they were grinding against each other.

I drop the beer bottle and it shatters. Tears stream down my face and I run out of the club.

How could she? We have been dating for almost two months and... I thought she truly loved me! I don't know where I'm going but I need to get away from here.

I can't stop crying and I'm walking super fast. I hear someone scream, "Niall!!!!"

I look back for a second and I don't make out the face but I know it wasn't Brooke so I completely stop and turn around, tears still streaming down my face and I see Valerie running towards me. She's crying just like I am...

"What's wrong Val?" I ask forgetting about what just happened to me.

[Valerie's POV]

After I see Niall run out of the club I look back at Brooke and I actually see the guy, it was Noah!

"Harry..." I say slowly.

"What love?" He says as he kisses me.

"It's Noah..." I say and my voice cracks as I'm about to cry. But then my face fills with anger, Brooke said she HATED Noah but she's dancing with him...

Harry looks around the club, "Where?! Where?! He's not gonna touch my girl! Where is he!?" Harry shouts.

"Stay here Haz I'm gonna go yell at Brooke and especially Noah!" I say as I walk fast to them.

"Why Brooke?!" I scream.

Brooke looks completely confused.

"Miss me?" Noah asks.

"No stupid! I HATE you so much! And Brooke? You said that you HATED Noah! And you hurt Niall! I can't believe you right now!" I start to walk away but Noah grabs my wrist.

"Don't. Touch. Me." I say threw my teeth and I try to break free from his grip.

"Just so you know, I caused that car accident. And, your little boyfriend... won't be alive for long. You're gonna be mine soon but for now? Brooke is mine. Tell that Niall dude that I'll give her back soon with his car." He says as he winks at me and then let's go of my wrist.

Great, just great. Niall is hurt and I don't know where he ran to, Brooke doesn't care about anything, I lost Harry, and Noah is gonna hurt Harry!!! This was suppose to be fun!

I don't know what to do or who to look for... I know that if I don't look for Niall then he could easily get lost but if I don't look for Harry then her could easily get hurt or even killed. I find myself crying.

I run up to Liam and Sky with tears just streaming down my face, not stopping. "Guys!!! GO look for Harry please!! He could get hurt or even killed! Just please! Cause Noah is here! Please!" I beg. "I gotta find Niall!!!" And after that I run out of the club.

I see Niall in the distance and I run as fast as I can towards him, "Niall!!!!!" I scream.

He kinda looks back at me and then just stops and turns around, tears streaming down his face like me, "What's wrong Val?" He asks concerned.

"Noah is here. That's my ex, he stole your car and is the one dancing with Brooke, Brooke doesn't even care and Noah might hurt or even kill Harry, I don't know where Harry went but I think Liam and Sky are looking for him--" I say fast but Niall cuts me off by kissing me.

I stop crying and put my hands on Niall's chest pushing him away from me, "WHAT THE HELL?!" I scream as loud as I can.

Then I find myself punching his arm, "Don't fucking kiss me I have a boyfriend and with everything going on right now... ARE YOU SERIOUS NIALL?!?!" I shout.

He grabs my hands to stop me from punching him, it hurt my hands more than it hurt him but I don't care, "It was the only way to get you to shut up okay?!" He says loudly.

"Is he bothering you?" I hear someone ask and I quickly to around to see Noah.


Shit just got real guys! Is it too much DRAMA? 

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