Baker Boy


14. Chapter 14

[Valerie's POV]  *2 weeks later*

Harry's concussion is finally gone. The last two weeks I had to deal with him being loopy. But it was funny. Right now were getting ready to go to dinner with Zayn, Erika, Liam, Sky, Niall, Brooke, and Louis. Harry said it's gonna be fancy and that all the girls are gonna wear a dress. I told him that I'm gonna wear a dress too. I bet that when Brooke sees me tonight her mouth will drop to the ground cause she was never able to get me to even try on a dress.

I take a fast, warm shower. I quickly change into my new, short, strapless, kinda dark red dress that goes down to the middle of my thighs. I blow dry my hair and curl it, I put a cute red bow in my hair. Then I put on make-up, like always but this time I actually put on lip gloss. Then I put on black flats.

Harry told me that after the dinner we all are gonna go to a club. Sounds fun! But I don't even know if we will be able to get into the club cause were only like 16... But whatever.

"You about ready love?" I hear Harry say from my living room.

I quickly check to make sure everything is good then I spray on some perfume and walk into the living room.

"Whoa..." Harry looks at me up and down, "You look so beautiful... Wow."

I giggle, "We gonna go or..."

Harry walks over to me and grabs me hands, "First, I know that we haven't actually made this official yet so I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?"

I crash my lips against his and we make out until I pull away to breath.

"I'll take that as I yes?"

I giggle, "Yes!"

After that we go to the restaurant. Once we walk in all the people in the restaurant look at me. I'm not that special?

"Stop staring!" Harry says as he puts his arm around me.

I giggle and quickly look for our friends and I spot them in the back. I point over at them and me and Harry walk over to them.

Brooke's mouth drops and then she squeals and says, "You're SO pretty! And you're wearing a dress!!!!!"

I laugh, "You're SO pretty too!" I then look at Erika and Sky as I sit down, "You both are SO pretty too!" I say smiling.

The smile and say, "Thanks!" At almost the same time.

"Hey? I'm pretty too right?" Niall asks.

"Sure Niall."

Harry whispers to me asking if he can have a few drinks, "Harry?" I say.

"Yeah?" He asks.

"Were under age..."

"This place don't care!"

"Oh.... I've never had a drink before..." I say.

"Wanna have one?" He asks, "I'm not forcing you cause that would be a horrible boyfriend. And I mean if you don't want us to drink then I promise I'll get them ALL to stop."

"Nahhhh!" I say.

He smiles.

I guess this will be my first time drinking and my first time seeing them drunk... except Brooke. She's had a couple drinks when we were 14...

After a while everyone has had at least three drinks except me I've only had two. I think Harry actually had four? I don't exactly remember but were almost done eating.

I feel Harry put his hand on my knee. That I didn't care but then he started to move it up my thigh and that's when I looked over at him and he was staring at me, smiling. I whisper, "Harry... stop."  And I move his hand off my thigh. But it comes back. I sigh and look back at harry.

"Everything okay?" I hear Louis ask.

"Great!" I say as I move Harry's hand again and I stand up. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I say as I get up and walk away.

I know that Harry has gotten pretty far with other girl and I know this isn't his first time getting drunk. I mean, I am new to all this and we just started dating. He's NOT doing any of that stuff with ME right now. If he can't accept that and can't wait then he can go. I'm not even joking. I mean, I'm not usually the good one, like I get in fights and get F's in my classes. But I'm not really the type to drink and stuff. I didn't drink tonight cause of peer pressure, Harry said that he wasn't forcing me. But I am curious so I tried some and I like it.

I just stand in the bathroom thinking and looking in the mirror.

I then pull myself out of my thoughts and walk out of the bathroom. I quickly pull from the dinner table and he looks confused. I tell him EVERYTHING that I'm thinking. Especially that part when I tell him that I'm not going to do "Stuff" with him not now. We just started dating. I told him that I'm NOT like the other girls. And he totally accepted that. He was happy that I told him and I was happy about that too.

After that everyone was finished eating so we left to go to the club. I know we were drunk driving. Sorry?

Once we get to the club we all walk to the door and there is a big man standing in front of it. Harry walks up to him and talks to him and finally the big man moves and let's us in.

We all get more drinks and we all end up on the dance floor dancing. But I notice one thing... Brooke is dancing with a different guy, not Niall. There dancing really close, grinding against each other... Then, I see Niall looking at them with tears building up in his eyes.

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