Baker Boy


13. Chapter 13

[Val's POV] *A month later*

I haven't left Harry's side. The bed was big enough for me to crawl in it with him and sleep next to him. Sky, Brooke, Erika, and the boys have all tried to get me to leave the hospital. They say Harry might never wake up and I shouldn't waste half of my life in the hospital. Honestly, I'm not gonna leave him.

Right now I'm laying next to him in the hospital bed. The nurses don't seem to care. I guess they understand that I really love him and don't want to leave him. I wrap my arms around Harry and put my head on his chest. I close my eyes and a couple tears slide down my face.

I hear Harry kinda moan and he moves his hands, they wrap around me. I quickly turn to look at him with tears coming down my face. He looks at me with his emerald green eyes. He kinda smiles at me and asks, "What happened?"

"You remember me?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Cause you were In a coma and they said that when you wake up... you might not remember anything." I explain.

"Why was I in a coma?"

"Cause we were in a car accident..."

His eyes go big, "Are you okay?" He asks.

I smile, "I'm fine Harry! Are you okay?"

"My head hurts ALOT."

"Awe! I'll get the nurse!" I say and I try to get up but HArry pulls me back, closer to him.

"You're laying here with me?"

"Well Harry..." I begin, "I actually love you Harry."

He smiles and says, "I love you too Val!" Then he kisses my forehead but then moans.

"Right, a nurse..."

"Fine, I'll let you get up but you better come lay back with me." He says.

I walk out and find a nurse, "What's wrong?" She asks.

I smile, "He's awake!"

"Does he remember stuff?"

"Yes but his head hurts."

"Of course she says then she grabs some medicine and walks back into the room.

Harry smiles when he sees me.

"Harry, what kinda of pain is it? Sharp, dull--"

He interrupts her, "Very sharp."

"On the scale from 1-10 how bad does it hurt? 10 being the worst."


"You have a severe concussion. I'm giving you medicine that might make you a little weird, like loopy." She turns to me, "Valerie, watch him, take care of him. Come back if the medicine doesn't help or if he throws up."

"Okay. But we can leave?" I ask.

"Yes." She responds then she leaves.

Harry takes one pill and we get back to MY house cause the boys will be too crazy for Harry to be there but I already talked to them and told them that he is fine and he's awake!

Harry starts laughing loudly in the middle of watching The Notebook and he doesn't stop. I look at him and just laugh too but then he stops laughing and becomes serious, "What's so funny?" He asks.

Oh my god. His medicine works cause he is loopy.

"You're funny!" I respond.


"No Harry, I was talking to the wall..." I say sarcastically.

He looks at the wall, "Hello!" He waves to it and stares at it for a second.

He turns back at me and looks hurt.

"What's wrong Haz?" I ask.

"It didn't say hi back..."

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