Baker Boy


12. Chapter 12

[Louis's POV]

We were all at my place when we get a call from Valerie saying that Harry is in the hospital. We all quickly hop in our cars and drive to the hospital. Once we get there and walk into the room we see Val standing by Harry with tears streaming down her face. Sky runs over to her and says, "It's gonna be okay."

And then we all here Val respond, "I love him Sky..."

All of our mouths practically drop to the floor, especially mine. The first time I seen sky --yesterday-- my eyes lit up. She is so beautiful. I thought if she wouldn't date Harry then she might date me but I'm wrong. She loves Harry, she admitted it. She knows him more so whatever but I wish there was something we could do to get Harry to wake up just so he knows that the girl that he loves, loves him back.

"I knew it!" Brooke shouts.

Val kinda smiles but it was fake. Then she asks, "Who is that?" And she points to Zayn's girlfriend.

Zayn puts his arm around his girlfriend and says, "Erika!" And then he kisses her cheek.

Val moves away from Sky and walks over to Erika, "Sorry that you have to see me like this. I mean, first time meeting you and I'm crying."

Erika just hugs her, "I don't mind. You're hurt right now. Actually, Brooke and Sky told me lot's of things about you and the Harry thing and I just understand okay." She says.

Val smiles and this time, I know it's a real one.

Then Val goes back and stands by Harry. She holds his hand and kinda plays with his hair.

[Zayn's POV]

Erika, she's SO beautiful, we have been dating for a couple months now. I love her so much. I truly love everything about her. Her personality, her laugh ,her eyes, her smile, her kisses. I remember the first time we met, she was on the phone fighting with someone...


I was walking by a park when this girl screams, "I HATE YOU!" She was talking on the phone. I stopped and stared at her kina listening to the conversation. "No! Were done! Okay, stop calling me!" She screams and with that she hung up. She looked around and spotted me staring at her. She smiled at me as I walked over to her. I remember thinking how adorable she is. Her hair blowing in the wind.

"Hello, you caught my eye and I thought it could talk to you." I said.

She smiles and says, "And I caught you staring at me and I thought, this boy better come over to me!"

We laughed and I asked if she would want to walk around the park. She said sure. We walked around for hours, just messing around. It seemed like I got her mind off of that fight she was having on the phone.

I managed to get her number but before we left the park she said, "Hey, I know that I just met you but you're really cute and I was wondering if you would want to go out?"

I was so surprised, I was gonna ask her out.

[Flashback Over]

I still laugh at how she asked me. I was surprised that she actually did that, normally I would ask the girl out.

But I'm just glad that I got her and now I'm never gonna let her go!

She looks over at me and smiles at me. I smile back. She's so beautiful. I tell her that ALL the time.


Hmmmm, I hope you liked that Erika? :)


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