Baker Boy


11. Chapter 11

[Harry's POV]

I know that Valerie is mad and upset right now so I just want to take her to my favorite place that only me and the boys know about, the meadow. I go there when I need to relax and maybe this could relax her. And Niall doesn't even seem to care about his car so whatever.

"Val?" I say looking at her.

"What?" She says.

"Do you want to go somewhere?" I ask.

"No." She responds.

"No, your going!" I say as I pick her up. "Niall, Zayn, Louis! We will be back!" I shout as I walk out the door.

"Harry! You kidnapping me!" She squeals with a smile on her face.

"Totally!" I say and she laughs.

So we get in the car and I start to drive away.

A couple minutes of being in the car I hear her giggle and say, "Harry Styles! You tell me where were going right now!"

I laugh and turn to look at her for one second but then I hear her scream, "Harry!" And her smile is gone.

I turn my head to look out my window and I see a car coming towards us. I notice that I'm going threw a red light and within seconds the other car hits us and our car flips three times before landing upside-down. Last thing I remember is Val saying, "Harry are you okay!?"

[Val's POV]

"Harry are you okay!?" I practically scream. The car hit his side.

I hear ambulance come and minutes later were at the hospital, I'm fine, only a couple new cut from the glass that shattered.

"Can I see Harry yet?" I ask the nurse with some tears sliding down my face. I'm worried about Harry, more than ever.

"Sure, try to stay calm though." She says as she walks into the room and I follow her.

I see Harry laying in the bed. Cuts on his face, "Is he gonna be okay?" I question.

"He got hit so hard that he has a concussion and is in a coma," She begins. I feel more hot tears slide down my cheeks. "And when he wakes up, if he does, then he might not remember anything."

I clear my throat, "Can I have a minute alone?"

"Sure." She says and with that she leaves.

I walk over to Harry and grab his hand. I whisper, "Harry please wake up. You have been so nice and sweet. I already miss that cheeky smile and your voice." I pause for a second and take a deep breath, "Please wake up and remember me, remember the boys, remember how much you loved me Harry Styles cause I actually love you too." I kiss his cheek then I kiss his lips. I cry more, "Harry...."

Then Niall, Brooke, Liam, Sky, Louis, Zayn and Zayn's girlfriend walks in.

Sky runs over to me and hugs me, "It's gonna be okay." She says.

"I love him Sky..." I say.

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