Baker Boy


10. Chapter 10

[Harry's POV]

Once we get to my place all the boys are up. Val is still on my back and I like how close she's been to me since what happened but I'm NOT gonna let that guy come back and touch her again.

"Niall, why were you passed out on the kitchen floor?" I ask.

Val laughs, "He was really passed out on the floor?' She asks.

I laugh, "Yes!"

"I went into the kitchen to get a sandwich and I was eating it when someone came up behind me and stabbed me with something, I think it was a shot? And I ended up passing out. I woke up today with some of my money missing out of my wallet?

"Wait.. Harry set me on the couch." Val says fast.

I quickly put her on the couch and sit next to her, "And your telling us this... NOW?!" She says freaking out.

"Well, it was three in the morning and um... I just woke up so.. yeah... I'm telling you this now."

"Did you see his face?" I ask.

"He was behind me?" Niall says.

"I went home at like eight and so..."

She has a worried look on her face, "Niall? Why did you even stay here?"

"Uh, I think cause I didn't have a ride home..."

"Oh yeah you came here with Liam..." Val says.

"Wait... Niall, Liam lives in this building... you're the only one who lives in a different building..."

"Then who has my car keys?"

Me and Val look at each other. I know that were thinking the same thing, Noah stole Niall's car.

Val becomes mad, "If I never met you Harry then this--" I cut her off.

"If you never met me then I wouldn't be able to protect you from him."

She hugs me, "You're a good friend Harry." She mumbles in my ear.

Friend? But I don't want to be just friends...

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