Baker Boy


1. Chapter 1

[Valerie's POV]

"Val wanna go to the bakery?" My best friend, Brooke says.

"What is so special about going to the bakery?" I question.

"Food! Duh..." She responds.

I should have known, Brooke loves food and she can't go an hour without eating or she will tell me that she will die of starvation... But she's so skinny!!! And eats like every minute of the day! Brooke has wavy blond hair and green eyes, she's taller than me cause I guess I'm like really short... But she's like super pretty but I've never really liked her clothes.. she's too much of a girly girl. I'm like a tom boy.

All the sudden I hear Brooke squeal and say, "There's Logan and Luke!!!"

Logan and Luke are twins and she's crazy about them. I mean they are cute but she's like obsessed with them...

She kind of hits my shoulder and whispers, "I'm gonna go say hi to them!"

"Okay, sure, I'll watch you make a fool of yourself..." I whisper back with a smirk.

She gives me a dirty look and walks up to them. I can't really make out what she's saying but their kind of looking at her weird. But within minutes I see her dancing? Oh no.. She's totally making a fool of herself now.. Then I see her hit someone in the face on an accident then she trips and falls into the fountain that they were standing next to. I burst out laughing and quickly go over to her as Logan and Luke start to walk away.

"Nice job!!" I say trying to not laugh but I fail and burst out in laughter again.

"Shut up, I'm all wet and I still wanna go to the bakery for food..." She whines, "And I totally made a fool of myself."

"Well you can go into the bakery with wet clothes..." I suggest with a smirk on my face. "Why did you even start dancing?" I ask.

She sighs, "We started talking about dance moves and stuff so I told them that I'm a great dancer..."

"No, more like great at making a fool of yourself every time you talk to them..." I say giggling.

She stands up and gets out of the fountain. "Whatever, let's go get food..."

"Seriously you're going into the bakery with wet clothes.." I ask.

"Yeah I'm starving..."

"Okay, whatever, where is the bakery at anyways?" I question looking around.

"Right here.." She says as she walks into a building.

Immediately I smell food, it smells so delicious. The cake, brownies, cupcakes...

Brooke is already sitting down at a table. I walk over to her and ask, "What do you want?"

She responds, "Two chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, and a cupcake."

"Damn girl you just want me to order the whole bakery?" I joke.

"Shut up and go." She says pushing me away.

I walk up to the counter and a curly haired boy walks up and says, "What do you want?"

I know it sounds kinda rude but actually he said it nicely... I sigh, "Okay, three cookies, two brownies, and a cupcake..."

He laughs, "Anything else?"

"Nah, I don't think so..." I respond with a smile on my face.

I actually think it's kinda cute when he smiles, he has dimples. And his green eyes are so beautiful... Wait what I'm I saying? I shake my head.

"Did you hear me?" I hear him ask.

"I'm sorry, what?" I ask feeling kinda embarrassed.

He smiles and says, "What kinda of cookies?"

"Oh, chocolate chip..."

"And what kind of cupcake?"

I look back at Brooke and shout, "What kinda of cupcake?"

"Vanilla!" She yells. I don't understand why Brook sat all the way across the bakery.

"Did ya hear that?" I ask looking back at the curly haired boy.

"Yes I got that. But I didn't get your number?"

I feel my face get hot and I smile but then I shake my head and say, "Well, you don't get it."

"Why not?"

"I don't even know your name..."

"I'm Harry." He says with a cheeky smile.

"That's great." I say looking away. I know, that was kinda rude but I don't want to fall for anyone after my last break up. My heart is broken and probably will never be repaired.

"Why so mean?" He asks.

"Cause I am..."

"Okay, but what's your name? At least tell me that..." He says.

"Valerie." I respond. Wait why did I tell him that?

"That's a beautiful name." He smiles.

I roll my eyes, "Where's my food?"

"Right in front of you..."

Oh my god, I need to pay more attention, "Well thanks..." I say as I turn around and walk away.

"Hey! That boy was cute and seems like he was into you!!!" Brooke says as I set down the baked goods.

I roll my eyes again and sit down.

"What?" Brooke questions.

"Well, you know I'm never gonna date again. Not after what happened with Noah..." I say.

She practically chokes on her cupcake, "Noah?! He's long gone. Been gone for months, bout eight months."

She always gets mad at me when I talk about him and how I will never date again, "Well, he broke my heart. It's never gonna get fixed. There's no one that would be able to fix my broke heart..." I say as I start to become less hungry.

"Come on Val, I don't even understand why you miss that lowlife asshole..."

Noah, I dated him about eight months ago. we spent everyday together never left each others sides and since my parents abandoned me at age 14 and I live alone he would stay at my house all the time. I was so in love with him I didn't even notice what he was doing at first. He started to steal my stuff and sell them for money. Then, he started to abuse me. Eventually he broke up with me after beating me so hard I could have died. He will come back sometimes and try to hurt me. But now I have horrible trust issues with any guy.

"I really loved him Brooke..." I say looking at the table.

"I really hated him." She scolds.

I sigh in frustration that were even on this topic.

After a while the curly haired boy comes to our table, Harry right?

"Hey Valerie..." He says smiling at me.






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