I need you...

Hey guys! I'm actually making another fanfic! This time with another author on movellas though! BLURB: Daisy used to live in Holmes Chapel, where she was almost killed, will she be found? Or will she be saved by someone who needs her more than anything? Please give me feedback! If you have any story ideas kik me at babykitkat02 .


1. Prologue


                                Hey guys! I'm writing this with a co-author! Its soooo exciting! Kyra is writing the first official chapter. I'm just going to write a quick prologue! Also if your reading this please read my other movella HELP!!! .   ~ Kate





       *screams*   "STOP! PLEASE!" Daisy screamed. The man laughed. "Why should I?" he said calmly. Then stopped cutting my wrist. He grabbed a camera and took a picture of the cuts and then printed it out. Then put it in the envelope with a note that said ' Bring me 100$ or more of her beautiful blood will spill, its your choice. Bring it to this address 719 Arzneck st. Rondale, Illinois   Or it will get worse.' "Just kill me..." Daisy whimpered. "Can't do that sweetheart, or I won't get my money lights out." he said as he hit her with a flour sack making her unconscious.


              So that was the prologue, I really hope you like it!, but anyway give me some feedback and some ideas for an upcoming chapter! If you only want me to read it then my kik is babykitkat02 so yeah. ~Kate

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