Behind the Band (Completed)

The life of a popstar is never what it seems. You have people bossing you around, controlling everything you do. We aren't allowed to be ourselves, we can't hang out with who we want. We can't do what we want. This is the life of a boybamd.


13. September 6th, 2013



Perrie came over and broke up with me because she said she couldn't handle our relationship anymore. Well then... But at least she gave me the diary... Journal. And wow. I'm honestly so pissed. Not because of the break up, but because of the fact the rehabilitators won't let me out to see Louis, Niall or Liam in the hospital because they think I'll run away again. That was one time. Gosh. I'm kinda worried about Harry, but I don't know. Maybe one less member of One Direction is for the better.

What I am saying. It's all or nothing. Sure Harry is an attention whore, but he's our attention whore. Wihtout Harry, the band may not be as popular. Praying for the best. The boys were there when I needed them and now it's my turn.

- Zayn

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