Behind the Band (Completed)

The life of a popstar is never what it seems. You have people bossing you around, controlling everything you do. We aren't allowed to be ourselves, we can't hang out with who we want. We can't do what we want. This is the life of a boybamd.


16. October 9th, 2013

October 9th, 2013


Niall is out of the hospital now. The doctors finally found a blood type to match his and now he's not as sick anymore. Just really pale. Louis' out now too. Just a little messed in the head because he was hit really hard. The doctors say that he was lucky that his brain wasn't knocked out from how hard he was hit. We're all just really glad we're all together again. There are still so many secrets we're keeping from each other. Zayn managed to get back with Perrie, so we're kinda happy about that. But we're mostly happy he's out of that institution. Liam is feeling better too. Harry's album was never released and we're singing the songs that was suppose to be on his solo album, on our group one. Tours start again next month, and the album comes out in two. We're totally pumped. 


~Liam, Zayn and Harry

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