Behind the Band (Completed)

The life of a popstar is never what it seems. You have people bossing you around, controlling everything you do. We aren't allowed to be ourselves, we can't hang out with who we want. We can't do what we want. This is the life of a boybamd.


5. June 13th, 2013

June, 13-13


First time in the journal. I saw Louis writing in this about once or twice, so i thought I'd give this idea a shot.  I know I'm not suppose to read these entries, but I read Louis... I hope he doesn't see this. They know how nosy I am. They believe this diary is as good  thing, but I feel like breaking down even more, while at the same time feeling butterflies all over. I can't say Louis is the 'love of my life', because I have feelings for another. Tomorrow, I'm going to have Sam release my song. I don't care if management gets mad. This song will be for her... But according to Niall and Liam, they think it's about Louis, so all I have to say is GRR... Until we meet again diary...

~ Harry xx

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