Behind the Band (Completed)

The life of a popstar is never what it seems. You have people bossing you around, controlling everything you do. We aren't allowed to be ourselves, we can't hang out with who we want. We can't do what we want. This is the life of a boybamd.


9. 7-31- 13



Zayn is still missing and all management is doing is trying to find Zayn's replacement instead of helping us look for him. We've search all the obvious places and even the non-obvious places. But no sign of him. When we found the book, part of the page he had last written on was torn so we hope he wrote a note somewhere telling us where he is. We are all just so scared though. We pray that he isn't dead. He was in no condition to be by himself for that long when he was so weak. Let's hope for the best. Two weeks without him is just isn't the same. :( 

- Liam

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