Adopted By Hazza

Darcy was a 2 year old living in a an Orphanage. Her father was killed before she was born and her mom died soon after she gave birth to her. What happens when Harry Styles adopts Darcy and Louis adopts her sister Sarah? Read to find out.


13. Your my Father?

Darcy's POV

I want daddy! Im so scared! The car stopped and the man came and took me out of the car and took me to this house. He took me to this room and sat me down on the bed. he took the tape off my hands and feet then he took the tape off my mouth. i still couldnt see who the man was. He pulled up a chair and sat next to me. He asked me "Do you know why you are here?"

"because my daddy is Harry Styles?'

"No! HE IS NOT YOUR FATHER!!!!" I was scared. He was yelling at me. "IM YOUR FATHER!!!!!!" (A/N Thanks Niallers_Twin for the idea!) What? He's my real father! But Sarah said he was dead.

"Your my daddy?"

He smiled and said "Yes princess i am." He tried to hug me.

i pushed him away and said "I want my other daddy, Patricia, Uncle Louis, Aunt Niam, Uncle Niall, Aunt Lyssa, Uncle Liam, Aunt Nia, Uncle Zayn, Aunt Amanda, and Sarah! I want to go home now!" He got up and grabbed my arms.

He pulled me out of the room and said "Thats it I've tried to be nice, I let you have a nice room to stay in," he opened the door and pushed me into this very small room with only blankets and a pillow. "Now you will stay here until you learn how to respect me! But first..." He pulled out his phone and took a picture. then he closed the door and locked it. i sat down on the floor and wrapped the blanket around me then cried myself to sleep. All i wanted was to be home.

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