Adopted By Hazza

Darcy was a 2 year old living in a an Orphanage. Her father was killed before she was born and her mom died soon after she gave birth to her. What happens when Harry Styles adopts Darcy and Louis adopts her sister Sarah? Read to find out.


2. The Ride Home

A/N Hey guys! This is a chapter but I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments. So the contest is still on and I found the perfect girl for Louis! So enjoy the chapter!



Harry's POV
Did Darcy  just call me daddy? I smiled and said "Come on Darcy lets go home." I put her down and grabbed her hand. We walked out to the car with Louis and Sarah. When we got in the car all the boys went quiet. I got Darcy buckled then said "Boys this is Darcy! Darcy this is your uncle Niall, Liam, and Zayn." 

She waved. Then she asked me "Are me and Sarah still sisters?" 

"Yeah baby you are." 

Then she said "So I have 2 daddy's?" 

The boys started laughing and I punched Zayn signaling him to start the car. He started the at and I said "No, Louis is your uncle." 

"Oh." She say back in the seat and leaned against me. She started falling asleep so I started singing to her. The boys and Sarah were just talking. Darcy looked at me and said "Daddy I like your singing voice. It pwitty!" I smiled and kissed her head. 

The boys said "Awwwwwww!" 

Darcy then said "Do you all sing?" 

"Yeah love we do." 

"Can you sing a song?" 

"Sure!" We sang Little Things to her and she went to sleep and so did Sarah. 
A/N Hey it's me again! I know this chapter sucks but I was on the bus so leave me alone! Wish me good luck for testing! Love you all


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