Adopted By Hazza

Darcy was a 2 year old living in a an Orphanage. Her father was killed before she was born and her mom died soon after she gave birth to her. What happens when Harry Styles adopts Darcy and Louis adopts her sister Sarah? Read to find out.


6. Going To London

Harry's POV
I woke up and Darcy wasn't next to me. I assumed she was with Patricia. I walked out of the room and saw Darcy eating left over pancakes. She looked at me and smiled. "Hey honey!" 

"Good morning daddy." I walked over to her and picked her up. 

I looked around and Patricia was sitting on the couch. She looked at me and smiled. She came over and hugged me too. Then I looked at her. She knew we had to go back to London and I haven't told Darcy. I looked at Darcy and said "Sweetie. We have to go to our real home now ok. So go get dress and pack your things." 

She looked at me confused "Where do we really live daddy?" 

"Baby we live in London. We have a long flight ahead of us so go get dress in something comfortable." 

"Ok daddy!" She ran and got dressed. After about 10 minutes Darcy came out in something comfortable and with her suitcase. She walked over to me and I picked her up. Then I grabbed my suitcase and Patricia grabbed hers and Darcy's. We walked out to the car where Sarah, the boys, and Niam, Lyssa, Amanda, Nia were waiting. We got in the car and Darcy sat next to Niam and Sarah. Niam and Darcy seem to be getting along great but she has had a special bond with Ni. 
*Skip Ride To Airport*
We arrived at the airport and we got Sarah and Darcy's tickets. We waited about 30 minutes till our flight was ready to board. We walked onto the plane and found our seats. Darcy sat in between me and Patricia. Darcy was a little scared at first because she has never been on a plane but I calmed her down saying "Don't worry daddy's here, it's ok!" But the thing that really calmed her down was "Darcy I will never let anything happen to you." 

She looked at me and said "Really daddy?" 

"Yes baby! I love you!" Then she laid down on me and I rubbed her back. Darcy fell asleep and so did I.

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