Adopted By Hazza

Darcy was a 2 year old living in a an Orphanage. Her father was killed before she was born and her mom died soon after she gave birth to her. What happens when Harry Styles adopts Darcy and Louis adopts her sister Sarah? Read to find out.


19. First Check Up

*3 Weeks Later*

Darcy's POV

Today we are taking mummy to the hospital. We are checking on the baby. I was sitting in the waiting room. They called mummy in. We all got up and walked into the room. Mummy laid on this bed like thing in the room. We waited a few minutes in silence before the nurse came in. "Ok I am going to put this on your stomach and it is going to be cold." She put the gel on her stomach and put this thing on it. There was a screen and then a picture of a baby on it.

I looked at daddy and whispered "Is that the baby?"

"Yeah that's the baby." I smiled.

Then the nurse said "Do you want to know the gender?"

Mummy said "tell us."

"The baby is a..."


A/N Hey guys so I want to know what you guys think the gender of the baby should be and a name. Cant wait to see what you think. See yall later till then... Eat NANDOS and love SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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