Adopted By Hazza

Darcy was a 2 year old living in a an Orphanage. Her father was killed before she was born and her mom died soon after she gave birth to her. What happens when Harry Styles adopts Darcy and Louis adopts her sister Sarah? Read to find out.


23. 9 Months Later

Darcy's POV

"Darcy! Call daddy!" I ran to the phone. I dialed daddy's number. He was at a photo shoot.

I ran back over to mummy. "Patricia?"

"No daddy its me!"

"Darcy! Is everything alright?"

Mummy grabbed the phone. "Harry its time! I'll see you at the hospital!" She hung up and called the ambulance. They came and took her to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital and mummy was taken away. Daddy went in with mummy. I saw Uncle Louis and Aunt Niam were already here with Sarah and so was Uncle Niall and Aunt Lyssa. I ran and hugged aunt Lyssa. I then hugged uncle Niall. We sat in the waiting room for a while. Then daddy came out and came over to me. He asked me "You want to meet your little brother and sister?"

I smiled and walked into the room with him...


A/N Hey guys so... baby names? Yeah I want you guys to think of baby names. So yeah post them in the comments. See y'all later till then... Eat NANDOS and love SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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