Draco's Story

*COMPLETED!* Draco Malfoy starts his sixth year at Hogwarts. And he meets this new girl that he never noticed before in his Slytherin House. All he knows about her is that she has vibrantly red curly hair and that she has a temper. And she had a dark secret. One that she won't reveal to anyone easily.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


2. Chapter Two

 The Hogwarts Express was leaving, Draco had just sat down in a cabin with his two best mates and his girl. 
"Malfoy, lay down in my lap and let me play with your gorgeous hair!" Pansy whined, pouting at him. 
He smiled, kissed her, pulling her close and deepened the kiss. 
"I... I missed you too, Draco." Pansy gasped when they broke apart, blushing furiously. 
He smiled that little smile that meant he was up to no good and laid back onto her lap. Where he fell asleep as Pansy gently stroked his hair for most of the trip. 
"Draco, the lunch trolley is here. Do you want anything?" Crabbe grunted, shaking him awake. 
"Huh? Why are you touching me?! And, no, I'm fine." Draco said, yawning. 
 "Are you sure, my love?" Pansy purred. 
 "Yes, Pansy. I'm sure. Now come here. Let me kiss you again, I've missed you too much."
  They kissed again and Crabbe and Goyle got up and left, feeling like third wheels. But then, while they were in the middle of it, an owl appeared and was hooting and knocking on the window. 
   "Draco, isn't that your family's owl?" Pansy asked, breaking off the kiss. 
    He looked over and to his amazement, Lavaith was there, holding a thick package tied to his legs. 
  "Lavaith!! Come on then, get in here." He said, opening the window and letting his owl in. 
   "Whose it from?"
    "My Aunt Belatrix." He said confused. He opened it and read the letter and then shoved it back into the envelope furiously and stuffed it into his pocket. 
   "What did it say?" 
   "Nothing of importance to you."
    "Fine, be that way!!"

   A few hours later, they were in the carriages pulled by the skeletal winged horses known as Thestrals. And Pansy was sitting, leaned up against him with his arms wrapped around her waist. 
But, he wasn't paying any attention to anything. His mind was still on the letter and the photo that was sent to him from his aunt. 
They finally got to the school and Draco excused himself to his dorm. He entered and was grateful that he was alone in the room. He pulled out the letter and photo. 
 Draco looked at the photo that was sent to him by his aunt Belatrix, and felt the growing anger in him as he looked at his father snogging some other woman than his mother. He ripped it in half and threw it on the ground next to his four poster bed. The tears started to flow freely down his face as he crashed down into his forgiving pillows and sobbed as he knew his family was being torn apart by his father's unfaithful ways. 
The door opened and Pansy walked in saying; "Draco, the feast is about to start! We've got to get going!"
 He looked up at her from his position on his bed and she gasped at him and said; "Draco!! I see what kind of man you are to CRY while you are alone in your dorm! We are over if you are actually going to cry on our first day back to school!!"
"That's just fine then you old cow!!" Draco snapped at her. 
 "Excuse me!?! How DARE YOU!!!!," She screamed at him in anger. "Sectumsempra!!!!" 
  "Impedamanta!!" He shouted. 
   "Crucio!!" She screamed, forcing him into excruciating pain. 
   He started to cry harder as the pain enveloped his entire being. The fact that PANSY of all people was responsible for this pain made it even worse to him. 
 "Of course you'd be the one to do this to me. I'm hurt Draco, you've forced me to harming you. I LOVE YOU!!! How could you have forced me to DO this?!?!" Pansy sobbed as if everything was going WRONG for HER! That infuriated Draco more than anything else in the world could've at that point. 
 "You think that the WORLD revolves around YOU and ONLY you, Pansy! Well, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't and that you have the best life you could've EVER wanted!!! Your father isn't in a relationship with some other woman, you don't have to live with the MARK on you! You don't have to live knowing that one day YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO KILL SOMEONE!! You have NOTHING to worry about like that! YOUR family isn't being torn apart and YOU don't have to exact your revenge upon your father when you see ft! YOU don't have to worry about how your mother is going to feel when she learns of her husband's evil ways!!! Pansy, you think you KNOW everything, YOU DON'T!!!! So GET out of here, stay away from me, my mates and NEVER come near me again!!!!"
"But, Draco! We... We're TOGETHER!!" Pansy shrieked. 
"Well, apparently we aren't anymore!" He snapped back at her. 
 She ran from the room, sobbing. 
"Serves her right!" He thought.
 "Now, back to the complication of my father! I will get my revenge on you for this!! I vow it upon Mother's and mine lives!! No matter where you go or what you do, I shall find you and I will kill you if it comes to that!!" Draco howled. 
 He left his dorm, because Pansy had been right, the feast was about to start and he didn't need to be late and give anyone that type of firepower. 
 He entered The Great Hall and sat down with his group at the Slytherin table. He noticed a new person there, with long, bouncy, curly, red hair. She sat across from him and blushed a deep scarlet when he looked at her. She was beautiful but with hair so red, she HAD to b related to the blood traitors, the Weasleys. So, he glared at her and said, sneering; "Just HOW is it that a WEASLE got into Slytherin?!"
 "Oh, Draco, I'm not related to them at all!" She, this mysterious beautiful girl said. 
  "Oh, really? Are you sure you're not buddy-buddy with those blood traitors? And where exactly did you just come from?! I've never seen you here before in my life!"
  "I'm in my sixth year here at Hogwarts, and yes, before you ask, I have been in this House the whole time. I've been watching you for years and have sat with you guys the whole time. You've been ignoring me and googling over Pansy and her fake as all can be breasts!" She said, smirking a Malfoy smirk at him.
 She's something all right. Draco thought to himself. "All right then. What's your name, if I may ask?"
 She smiled and giggled. "My name, dear Draco, is Holly. My parents were supporters of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. They thought naming their child after a poisonous berry, but yet a pretty one and tree at that would somehow spell out my future for me. And, so far, they've been right." She smirked.
 "Yes, they certainly were. I've known you for all of three minuets, and you've all ready proven to me to be a worthy advisory and someone that would not take anything people dished out to her. You've even insulted my ex girlfriend in the first few sentences you've said to me. I like you, Holly. What's your last name?" He said impressed. 
 "It's Perelle. As in the family that is the first to have created the broomstick."
 "So, you're rich then are you?"
 "What's it to you if I am?!" She snapped. 
  "Just curious is all. Nothing wrong with being curious is there, unless there us a new law out about it?"
 "No there isn't. But I try and keep that a low thing around here."
"Why would you wan to do that? Why wouldn't you broadcast who you are and how proud you truly are?"
"Wow. You truly don't know do you? Incase you didn't notice, some people don't flaunt their wealth because its not a NICE thing to do!!!"
"And I took you to be not a nice girl. I guess I was wrong then. I'm not usually wrong. After all, I am amazingly clever and good looking." 
"I won't argue with that. You are pretty... But Draco, when did you become CLEVER? I'm curious to know for I thought that you were less than average." Holly smirked. 
 "I'll have you know that I'm the only living heir to the House of Malfoys!! But you, you miscreant seem to be a low life and not worth my time. Please leave and take your horrendous oder with you. As well as your cheap and disgusting clothes!" He glared at her. 
 She didn't go for the bait, but simply said; "Oh? But what are you wearing? It looks like runny hob goblin's dung." 
  She's clever and quick witted. I guess I could ask her out, but I did just break up with Pansy... What would that say to her? What do I care?! That witch was never there for me and cared only for my power, status, and money. But still...
 "You are an intriguing one, Perelle. Come, sit by me. Goyle, snuff it and switch places with her!" Draco snapped an order. 
  Holly Perelle started to blush as she got up, and was watched by every single member of Slytherin House as she walked around to where Malfoy had motioned to.
 "Oh! So that's the slut he dumped me for!! She's hideous, isn't she?!" Pansy pipped up, shrilly. 
 "Pansy! Stuff it you old hag! I dumped you because you are a horrid witch! It had nothing to do with Holly. You are just a gold digger and if you want it, you need to go and find it in someone of lesser rank and power, you are nothing and I don't know why I've not noticed your horrendous behaviour until today." Draco said, defending Holly before she could say something nasty to Pansy about where she could put her little snide comments. 
 Holly was not having it though. She walked right up to Pansy, pulled her up by her hair, got in her face, and said, "Look you filthy little half blood, if you think that you intimidate me, think again. I don't scare easily and I don't back down from a challenge or a fight. So if you don't want you and your fake EVERYTHING to get hurt so bad, you'd be in the mental health ward at St. Mungo's, I'd shut that pretty little mouth of yours before it and your face get injured too badly that you won't be recognised by your own parents! Do you understand!?!" 
 Pansy gulped and nodded her head, shaking in fear. 
"Good, and remember that the next time you think about mouthing off about me, love, for I have one good memory and would LOVE to use it to my fullest advantage when I get the chance, sweetie." Holly said, letting her go and walking calmly to Draco who was looking on with shock on his face. 
 "You look like you did when you were attacked by that Hippogriff in our third year. What's so scary?" 
  Draco swallowed and said, "You, you just threatened, PANSY!!! She's the most powerful girl in our House!! And you just THREATENED her like it was NOTHING!!!"
 "Draco, Draco, Draco. She isn't the most powerful girl anymore. Not since you dumped her and showed favour unto me. Now, I am the hierarchy of female power and she now knows it and I won't be surprised if she sends her goons into our group to spy on us. Oh, and here they come. Lets make her really mad, shall we, lover?" Holly said, leaning close up against him, in an intimate fashion.
 Draco was impressed. Though he was not about to admit it. This girl didn't show fear nearly as much as he thought that she would. And with Pansy's spies, she was totally calm and a great actress. She would laugh at just the right times, lace her fingers in with his and lean against him, proving that he belonged to her and ONLY her. He liked it. So, at the end of the feast when they were walking back to their dorms, (and after he sneered at the Potter Group, as he fondly called Harry's group and made some remark about how the Weasleys stunk like the filthy animals that they were) he finally asked her out, saying; "Holly, will you do yourself the favour of going out with me?" 
  Holly, of course looked at him and said, "Excuse you!  I will do YOU the favour of going out with you, but it is NOT a favour unto myself! You will do well to learn the difference, Hun." 
  And then she pulled his head up against her face and kissed him intensely. When she broke it off, she turned to leave and was shocked by the ferociousness that Draco displayed as he pulled her back to him and kissed her again. 
  She once again was the one to break it off and said as she did, "Hun, it's time for lights out. I'll see you in the morning, goodnight

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