Draco's Story

*COMPLETED!* Draco Malfoy starts his sixth year at Hogwarts. And he meets this new girl that he never noticed before in his Slytherin House. All he knows about her is that she has vibrantly red curly hair and that she has a temper. And she had a dark secret. One that she won't reveal to anyone easily.

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3. Chapter Three

 Draco woke up to someone pressing cold lips against his forehead and was taken back to an old memory of his mother checking him for a fever. 
 "Draco, you need to get up, the schedules are being passed out today at breakfast. You need to get a move on it." Whispered the voice the lips belonged to. 
 The door flew open with a bang and just as it did, Draco opened his eyes to see Pansy as she pulled him to her and kissed him gently. All of a sudden, Pansy was gone, off his bed and was pressed up against the wall. 
 Holly had entered the room just in time to see what Pansy was doing. She had run across the room, grabbed her by the hair and yanked her off and pushed her against the wall, choking her and pressing her wand against her collar bone. 
 "I told you, Pansy. If you messed with me again, I'd hurt you badly. You've forced my hand, and trust me, Sweetheart, I keep my promises. Lets get to know each other a little better, girl to girl." She growled, making a slicing motion with her wand and then a dark, scarlet red line appeared on Pansy's face. 
 Pansy gulped with fear and dread as Holly cut her face again and again, showing no fear or remorse as she fulfilled her promise. 
 "Holly, who do you think you are to assault my girlfriend in that fashion?!" Draco sneered, getting out of bed.
"Oh? You think that this little skunk bag is still your girl? Hun, you need to remember something." Holly said, flicking her wand, ensnaring Pansy with strong thin, metallic wires. 
 Then she walked up to him, purposefully and kissed him. On the lips. 
 She really didn't like that comment, at bloody all. Draco thought, laughing. 
 "What exactly is so funny, Draco?" Pansy asked, confused.
 "That Holly actually thought that I'd forgotten about how she and I are together and that I'm not with a gold digger such ad you." Draco said as he pulled Holly onto his lap making her lean against his bare chest. She giggled and  wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.
 "Oh, Draco, I didn't believe you thought she was still with you. I knew you were just messing with me.  I figured you wanted to teach that pile of troll dung a lesson like I was. Now, speaking of that, I should really get back to chatting with this little....thing." 
 "Not until after I do this." Draco said, running his fingers through her hair and kissing her jaw line. 
 Holly started to hyperventilate. Pansy looked on in furious anger. Holly noticed and smiled evilly at her, knowing that this was probably killing her. 
"Hun, that's enough. I want to finish what she started for herself. So, let me go and as much as I hate to say this, put a shirt on. You need a long one too, regrettably being as that mark upon your arm would cause people to stare at you even more than they do and I want you to myself." Holly whispered in his ear. 
 Dash it all!! I forgot about the Mark!! Draco thought, pulling his arm closer to his body and releasing Holly to go ahead and do what she would to Pansy.   
 He looked around for his trunk of clothes that was brought up last might by the house elves. He rummaged about in if for a while until he found his favourite silvery green long sleeved dress shirt and stretching, making sure to get Holly looking at him, he put the shirt on and pulled out a tie to put on when all of a sudden, something loud and screeching caught his attention from behind him. He turned to see what it was and saw not only Holly standing over Pansy's seemingly lifeless form, but also another, darkly clad figure standing there. 
 "My child, I'm sorry that I came and did this to your friend, but I could feel your anger and pain, so I came and decided that whomever it was that was hurting my little girl was to pay with their life. And, why are you in the boys' dorm?" The dark man said in a sleek, smooth voice. 
 "Father!! I was handling it!! I was going to hurt her so badly you would've been prouder than ever of me!! She was going to be locked up in St. Mungo's for the rest of her existence!! And, because some girls were talking about how SHE was going to try and get her filthy claws back into Draco! And I was NOT about to let her TOUCH my BOYFRIEND again!!! I was going to hurt her sooo badly! But, then again, I guess it's better that my strong and overprotective father came and saved the day." Holly said pouting, at the last part. 
 "Draco? As in the Malfoys' boy?"
 "Yes, father. Him." Holly said pointing to him.
 He gave a short glance over to Draco, who was standing there, shocked, thinking that there was nothing that 
"Okay. He is a fine choice. A pure blood. Jut like you. I have to leave now, be good my sweet daughter. I love you and you and my pet are the most important beings in my life. Have a good first day and if someone needs to learn their place, teach them just how powerful the full bloods are." The dark figure said, kissing the top of her head gently, fatherly. 
 "You do know me, don't you, Father?" She said smiling. 
  "Yes, dear I do." He said and then he was gone. He vanished with a small "pop!".
 Draco looked at Holly and said, "Who exactly was that?"
  "My very overprotective father. He can feel it when I am very angry or in trouble. It's eerie but you get used to it in the end." 
  Draco looked at her and said, "Okay." Looking at her as if she was mad. "Well, we should go to breakfast and get our schedules. We might have some classes together."
 "What ever you want, Draco. But what should we do with Pansy's.... Er, body?" 
 "Leave it here. There's nothing that they can pin you to. You didn't even touch her. But, we could move her to the lake for the giant squid to have a snack. I doubt that anyone will miss
her much. I never really did. She was just something to snog when I was with her." Draco said, pointing his wand at the lifeless body of Pansy and sending it to the lake. 
  "Tell me, why exactly were you with that person?" Holly asked. 
  Draco glanced back at her, nervously. "Because I thought that I loved her." God, I hope that she doesn't flip on me. She's all ready had someone killed by her crazily overprotective father. Draco thought. 
 "Well, was that a mistake, love?" 
 "Yes. She was psychotic."
 "Good. Lets go." 
  They left the dungeon and walked to the Great Hall together. On their way, they ran into Potter and his gang. 
"Look who it is, the smelly little weasel and his ring leader, the abandoned and hated Potter. And with them is the disgusting mudblood! Holly, can you smell their stench?" Draco said smirking at them. 
 "I could smell it all the way in the dungeon." 
 Harry looked at them, glowered and said; "Oh, but we aren't the gits here. So, you should get out of here, before things get ugly for you." 
The mudblood, Hermione looked Draco up and down with what appeared to be an approving smile on her lips. Holly saw this, unravelled herself from Draco's embrace and walked up to her, withdrawing a small, silver, pointed star. A shuriken. 
"You'll do well to keep your eyes from undressing my boyfriend, sweetie. The last person that did that, well, lets just say that she never got the chance to look at him again. And, I'd be honoured to give you a taste of my medicine." Holly whispered just loud enough for the boys to hear. 
 Then, quietly, she said so only Hermione could hear, "He came today again I don't know how to make him stop! And I think I let him in and that I killed Pansy, not him. I liked it, I'm becoming my father and I do believe everything that he's ever told or taught me. Even though you're my friend, I believe in it all." 
 "Of course. Can you remove your star from my throat now?" Hermione asked, shaking for effect. 
  Holly smiled and said "Just keep your hands and eyes off him. And, I mean it, for real." 
  Hermione nodded her head vigorously. Holly stepped away, looked at Harry and Ron and said, "Boys, I have no problems with you." Then walked back to Draco, went behind him, and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and smiled evilly at the other three. 
 "Cover your nose, love. This stench could make me pass out. And I certainly don't want you to do that." Draco said. 
 "Oh, but it's not too hard to make a MALFOY faint, is it? I mean, after all, your father----" Harry started. 
 "DON'T YOU SAY A WORD ABOUT MY FATHER!! You have no place and no right to speak of him!!!" Draco roared at Harry. 
 "Why not?! Because you're ASHAMED of him or because you KNOW I'm RIGHT!?" Harry snapped. 
 "Draco, calm down. You're going to explode! Lets go, these three animals aren't worthy enough for your presence." Holly said, steering Draco away.    
"That bloody traitor!! I'm going to get that disgusting face of his and then I shall be rewarded by my parents and my Lord!!" Draco growled, angered.   
"Why would my father reward you? He wants to be the one to kill----. Oops." Holly said, clamping her mouth shut. 
 "Who is your father?" Draco asked. 
  Holly sighed and said quietly, "My father is Voldemort."
 "That's why he was so overprotective!!! But, he's never loved before! How did you come to be?" 
   Holly looked away as they walked quickly to the Hall. She didn't want to talk about this just yet. They had only been together about 14 hours and she had all ready divulged her most private secret to him. 
 "I don't want to talk about this just yet. It's too early. I need you to forget about this for now. No one is supposed to know who I am. Not even Dumbledore truly knows." 
  Draco wanted, no he needed to know what had happened over 16 years ago to create her. But, he didn't push it. He'd all ready watched her father kill his ex girlfriend because he could feel his daughters emotional havoc ripping her apart. He just was too frightened to go into that right now. Though, he was never going to admit it. 
"Of course. How about later on?" 
 They walked into the Hall and sat down, waiting for their schedules. They appeared as soon as they were done eating, on their plates. 
 "Snape in the afternoon for 2 hours! Yeah! That means Potter will be there and I can get him back for everything this morning!!" Draco said happily. 
 "Oh, Snape you say? I'm there too! And then I have History of Magic and Care of Magical Creatures and in the morning, I have Transfiguration. What about you?"
"Same. We're together all day."
Holly smiled and kissed his cheek. "That means I can keep an eye on you."
Well, there goes my day. Shes gonna kill any girl that looks at me.  Draco thought annoyed, but also oddly relieved. It had been ages since someone had loved him enough to think about protecting their claim on him. 
 Even though she was a little unusual, he found that he was loving her more and more each second he spent with her.  
 Holly looked back at the strong, elusive man she fell in love with all those years ago and she smiled. She was blissful and happy with the fact that he was finally hers and no one could take him from her. Now she had to go and meet the one person in the world that knew all of her secrets, everything that could possibly land her in trouble or in Azkaband. Hermione was always there for every stupid little thing shed ever done and now, she had to go and tell her that Hermione was dead to her, that Hermione meant nothing to her. 
  This was going to be hard, but it was true, she felt as if her father had told her everything that he knew to be true. That Potter boy was going to pay for everything-all the pain and the heartache and all the depression-that bed caused to happen to her because of his stupid attempts to rid the world of her father, the most powerful wizard alive and EVERYONE knew it. She was theist powerful witch alive, and that Belatrix woman knew better than to even think about moving into her slot, shed cut her down in less than a second with a simple glare. Her father's ways of intimidation was passed down to her in a glorifying way. If that woman ever tried to touch her father again, shed be dead once Holly caught her in her sights. 

 Knowing that Holly was looking at him, Draco turned around and smiled at her. She smiled at her and she blushed. 
 She's so beautiful when she looks at me like that. Draco thought to himself.
"Let's go to class." Draco said in his little smirking way, his eyes glinting and shining with humour and love for her. 

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