Draco's Story

*COMPLETED!* Draco Malfoy starts his sixth year at Hogwarts. And he meets this new girl that he never noticed before in his Slytherin House. All he knows about her is that she has vibrantly red curly hair and that she has a temper. And she had a dark secret. One that she won't reveal to anyone easily.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


11. Chapter Ten

Draco followed Holly to the Room of Requirement. There she showed him the Vanishing Cabinet. She then related her father's message to him and he nodded his head. 

     A few days later, Draco had made some progress on the cabinet and he was rewarded with a bushel if Granny Smith apples. Hungrily, he but into one and breathed a sigh of relishment. On a whim, he put one into the cabinet and closed the door. He waited five minuets and then reopened it. It was there, but a huge chunk  of it was bitten out. He smiled to himself and--on the verge of tears--threw out the apple. 

     Walking into the Slytherin Common Room, Draco was smiling.  Holly looked up at him as he entered and she knew. She knew that he'd done it. Sending the message to her father, she got up and flew at Draco and kissed him full on the mouth. 

     "You did it didn't you?!" She squealed. 

     "Indeed I did. And Potty was never able to track me down!" Draco said, winking at Holly. 

     She giggled and hugged Draco. "It's finally happening." 

     Suddenly, she was receiving a message from her father. She was to sneak to Hogsmead and then disapperate to him. "I've to go, Draco. I love you honey." She told him with a quick peck on the cheek. 

     Draco smiled to himself and touched the place where she had kissed him.  

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